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Rachel Basile

Rachel brings a unique blend of expertise to her role as a Bookkeeping Liaison, having transitioned from a successful career as a dedicated high school math teacher. With a decade of experience in the education sector, Rachel’s meticulous attention to detail and analytical prowess seamlessly translate into her new role.

Having fostered a passion for numbers and organization during her teaching years, Rachel’s transition to bookkeeping was a natural evolution. Her strong foundation in mathematics coupled with her interpersonal skills make her an ideal candidate to bridge the communication between financial data and the needs of clients.

In her spare time, Rachel indulges her curious mind by diving into a world of podcasts and books. This appetite for knowledge reflects her commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. As a former educator, she understands the power of staying informed and up-to-date, which undoubtedly enriches her contributions to her current position.

Kelley Smith

Kelley has held a variety of positions including Bookkeeper, Office Manager & Teacher and was previously with Draffin & Tucker, LLP as a Bookkeeping Professional where she was responsible for bookkeeping, reconciliations, payroll, sales tax returns, and financial statement preparation.  Kelley is most proud of her tenacity for compliance research and support.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and a combined 17 years of bookkeeping experience.

In her spare time, Kelley enjoys cooking, taking care of her dogs, and spending time with family and friends. She is passionate about rescue dogs and has fostered countless furry babies over the years.

Amber Rojek

Amber Rojek has held a variety of positions including Graphic Designer, Hospital Administrator, Office Manager and Product Specialist, and was previously with Payzer as Product Specialist and Retainment Manager where she was responsible for Onboarding new clients to the software.  Amber Rojek is most proud of her pivotal role in overhauling and automating retention processes at Payzer.

In their spare time, Amber Rojek enjoys learning and experiencing all life has to offer with her husband and daughter. She loves to read and explore her creative side, always looking to learning new crafts. She spent a lot of time in the Publishing world as a Book Blogger and attended Book Expo America in NYC, 3 years in a row. 

Hannah Dyer

Hannah has held a variety of positions including non-registered assistant, peer math tutor, and was previously with Woodard and Associates APAC as the tax lead where they were responsible for networking with the community, monthly financial reporting, annual financial reporting, payroll tax management, corporate tax return filing, non-profit tax return filing and governmental audit reporting. Hannah is most proud of her ability to network and provide useful financial information to her clients. She is an LSUS graduate with a degree in accounting and four years in the accounting field.

In their spare time, Hannah enjoys working with her community, playing guitar, and doing 3D cinematic animations.

Victoria Stanek

Victoria has held a variety of positions including HR Sr. Recruiter, HR Manager, and Staffing Recruiting, in which she was most recently with 160 Driving Academy as HR Sr. Recruiter where they were responsible for leading the recruiting team and recruiting for various nationwide corporate and branch roles.  Victoria is most proud of developing the recruiting process and department with 160 and its structure. She has 12 years and growing recruiting experience and is excited to share her expertise with the HTM team and hone her skills to learn, develop, and prosper even more!

In their spare time, Victoria enjoys neighborhood walks with her husband, daughter Everly (1 ½ years old, and their Siberian husky (Stassi) and Aussie Corgi (Sterling). She also loves to travel, do amateur photography, read fiction books, and find new restaurant spots. Please join us in welcoming Victoria Stanek to How to Manage a Small Law Firm and wishing them success in this new opportunity

Lina Rodriguez

Lina has held a variety of positions including Executive Assistant to the City Clerk for the City of San Antonio where they were responsible for managing the City of San Antonio City Council Elections, leading a team of dedicated employees, and ensuring the Office of the City Clerk provided the ultimate customer service and community engagement between the citizens of San Antonio and the city government. 

In their spare time, Lina enjoys watching movies and tv shows with her Shih Tzu puppy Bugsy.