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We believe that successful businesses are built by helping others by providing value and delivering practical solutions to everyday problems—for our own clients and the thousands of law firms that we have yet to meet.

Please take advantage of the free resources below. Each has been created by our team of experienced managing partners, CEOs, COOs, and CFOs. These tools are used as guides and homework items in our membership program.

If you do the work and follow the steps inside of each one, your law firm will experience positive improvements. We guarantee it.

Want to get more tools, resources, guidance, and support in creating the law firm and life you’ve always wanted?

Website checklist

Use this checklist to evaluate your website to spot areas for improvement that can help attract the right kinds of clients and close them more easily.

The Manifesto

Most of what you’re going to be exposed to in our community is probably going to contradict the conventional wisdom you’ve heard about the business of building an OUTSTANDING law firm. So it’s important that you have a proper context in which to consider the work we do here at How to Manage. Because if you follow conventional wisdom, you’re only going to produce conventional results. And neither of us wants that for you! 

The 7-Stage

Assessment Tool

Not sure what stage your law firm is in? Determining your stage will help you understand exactly what you need to grow your firm and break the profit plateau you’re currently experiencing. 

The How to Manage a Law firm App

Turn your phone into a classroom! The How to Manage a Lawfirm App is packed with hundreds of hours of tools, trainings and proven growth strategies to help you hit your highest revenue goals and fast-track your path to freedom! 

Policies & Procedures Checklist

The 24 Key Policies You Need to Have in Place to Protect Yourself and Grow Your Business

Business Plan

Building Workbook

Get The Step-by-Step Business Plan Template That’s Helped Hundreds of Law Firm Owners Double Their Revenue

Find The Money!

AR Handbook

A Simple and Effective Plan Your Law Firm Can Use to Collect on Late Accounts

The 151 Ways To GET

New Clients Checklist

151 Simple Ways to Magnetize New Leads