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Laney Lyons

Laney has held a variety of positions including business owner, coach, paralegal and trainer, and was previously with Back Office Drafting as the owner where she was responsible for designing and leading the growth and satisfaction of the team and clients, marketing to law firms across the country and training team members.  Laney is most proud of creating an empowering workplace environment for team members to grow both their confidence and skills.  Laney has created and sold two other companies and has consulted with many organizations in the legal space throughout the past 27 years. She is passionate about helping legal professionals find peace and joy in their lives.  

In her spare time, Laney enjoys writing, reading, hiking, cooking, traveling, and spending time with her son and two dogs. Laney was the recipient of Citizen of the Year in West Travis County (Austin), Texas and received the Special Congressional Recognition Award for her service to the Austin community and volunteer service abroad. 

James Tsikerdanos

James has held a variety of positions including Executive Sales Coach, Program Manager, and National Account Executive and was previously with Enable as the Revenue Enablement Program Manager where he was responsible for providing the leadership development of over 35 sales managers and directors located across the globe in US, CA, UK, and ANZ. He designed and deployed sales training and coaching for over 100 sales representatives.  James is most proud of his work with junior sales managers at Enable in helping them find a healthy work-life balance while exceeding their team sales targets.  James is also 14-year Army Reserve veteran. He enlisted out of high school as an intelligence analyst and went on to receive an ROTC scholarship from Howard University in D.C. while dual enrolled at George Washington University where he would get his BFA in art education. James has over 15 years of sales experience working with finance and technology start-ups. He has provided sales training and coaching to dozens of law firms over the last several years as an executive sales coach.

In their spare time, James enjoys spending time with his wife Katie and their two dogs Luna (pitbull)  and Harvey (Italian greyhound). Katie and James are big time horror movie fans and art lovers.  James also volunteers on several county appointed boards and non-profits, to include the Greene County Economic Development Authority, Piedmont Workforce Development Board, and the American Legion.

Laura Helton

Laura has held a variety of positions including Sales Manager, Sales Coach and Sales Supervisor and was previously with Allstate as Business Insurance Sales Manager where they were responsible for leading over 20 sales professionals to exceeding targets. Laura is most proud of her most recent work at Allstate where she achieved a 46% increase in annual sales.

In their spare time, Laura enjoys going to the beach with her two children and hiking with her two dogs Pepper Potts and Tony Stark.

Christian Sola

Christian has held a variety of positions including Event, Production, Sales and was previously with Encore as Event Sales Manager where he was responsible for selling a minimum of 2 million dollars in Sales a year, designing & coordinating client events to match their vision. Christian is most proud of producing and growing conferences from concept to execution.  Christian has been in the event Industry for over a decade and its truly his passion.

In his spare time, Christian enjoys philanthropy, nature Activities, Fitness, and Dance. Christian is a professional Latin dance artist recognized internationally for his classes and shows.

Desmond Neal

Desmond has held a variety of positions, including Project Manager at PlanSource and Project Management Consultant at DLN Consulting, where he was responsible for managing multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring deadlines were met, and goals were achieved. He has an innovative approach to project management, with a focus on team cohesion, data protection, and management performance improvement. Desmond is most proud of his documented success in troubleshooting capabilities, catching common mistakes, and providing digestible feedback to clients that increase retention.

Sheree Young

Sheree has held a variety of positions including Account Manager, Business Administrator and Operations Manager. She has over 20 years’ experience working in Business Administration, Operations and Account/Project Management. She was previously with the Miami Parking Authority as the CS Operations Manager where she was responsible for writing department policy and procedure, implementing new department systems and managing department training and customer engagement.

In her spare time, Sheree enjoys growing plants and herbs, researching natural remedies, and playing with her dog.