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RJon Robins

In 2016 How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm, the national outside managing partner services company that RJon Robins founded, was named by Inc. Magazine, for the second year in a row, as one of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the Country.  Fastest in the category of helping solo and small law firm owners kick-butt and build better law firms (affording them more financial resources and freedom of time to help more clients and have a better life).

But…in 2008 RJon Robins lost pretty much everything.  Which is pretty ironic because for 8 years previous, he’d made quite a great name for himself as one of the most trusted resources in the Country.  Thousands of lawyers turned to him for help whenever they needed clarity about how to grow and manage their solo and small law firms.  RJon first achieved notoriety after struggling with his own solo law firm which he (rather naively) went into it without a written business plan, without a written marketing plan, without written processes or procedures, without job descriptions for staff (who ate him out of house & home), and no financial controls to see what was happening before it was too late.

The notoriety didn’t come from the failure of RJon’s law firm serving his financial, personal and/or professional hopes, dreams or aspirations.  That alone would have hardly distinguished him from about half a million other struggling solo lawyers from all walks of life, who tilt at windmills all day long (without anyone to be managing partner), in every area of practice, all around the Country.

What brought the notoriety was a stroke of luck.  RJon was in the right place at the right time and happened to say just the right thing, to just the right person; leading to RJon learning how to turn his struggling law firm around. On the strength of that, he was recruited by The Florida Bar’s legendary J.R. Phelps of the world-famous Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS).  RJon invested the next four years of his career learning from the best (and from some of the worst) about what it takes to start, grow, save, salvage, and run a perfectly good law firm into the ground. He also learned quite a bit about how to do things the right way and used these skills, experiences, and profound insights to help thousands of lawyers build better law firms and lives.  He helped some of them start and build highly-successful law firms that run like real businesses and helped others save, salvage and avert total disaster when the long term effects of running their law firm like a noble hobby finally hit home with a big, loud “splotch”.  As the only lawyer in the history of The Florida Bar to serve as a full time Small Law Practice Management Advisor, RJon spent the years between 1999-2001 working with what The Florida Bar estimates was more than 9,000 solo and small law firm owners.

Nowadays when he’s not conducting CLE workshops around the Country on behalf of some of the biggest names in the legal industry (LexisNexis, Microsoft, Law Pay, Ruby Receptionists and dozens and dozens and dozens of bar associations, but who’s counting), RJon is attending to his duties as CEO of the leading provider of outside managing partner, outside COO, and outside CFO services exclusively for solo and small law firms nationwide…or he’s out practicing what he preaches about letting your business give you a life instead of the other way around.

Oh yeah, and RJon is a Member of The Florida Bar, where he’s still authorized to appear before the Southern District Federal Court, as well as a member of The Association of Certifi­ed Fraud Examiners.  RJon earned an interdisciplinary degree from The American University in Washington, DC (Communications, Law, Economics & Government), he graduated from Nova Southeastern College of Law and he doesn’t eat ice cream every day but when he does, he prefers butter pecan.

Alejandra Leibovich

Alejandra Leibovich is a successful author, business owner & entrepreneur, designer and musician. Her work as a senior art director at Nickelodeon, VH1 and MTV received some of the most coveted awards in the industry. Her art was broadcasted at the Miami Art Basel, Sand Diego Comic-Con & MOCA. Co-founder of How to Manage Enterprises, listed INC 5000 fastest growing companies in the US, her efforts have yielded multi-million-dollar companies and are inspiring many others to think and act differently. Ale was born in Argentina; she has always been the new girl in town. These experiences led Ale to use her amazing skills to help others to think out-the-box, challenging herself and others to go for their dreams.

You can find her podcast and album “LOOPTROPOLIS” in major podcasting players and major music streaming services such as Apple MusicPandora or Spotify. You can get her not-boring-book-on-Leadership “Feel Warm Inside” Funny Quotes for Serious Leadership at amazon. This book is a funny, honest and imaginative view of life and leadership, that will help you on your very serious journey of becoming the leader you were meant to be. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced leader of a team or if it’s just you and your cat. Get it at amazon.

You can catch her always up to something here at HTM and at

Erika Ferenczi

I am a tested business leader with two decades of sales, marketing, and finance experience, as well as over a decade of coaching experience, working both for corporate organizations and in the entrepreneurial world.

I have been a student of human behavior for over twenty years. I remember being fascinated with my psychology class in high school and wanting to attend college to study psychology. However, my mother is a business graduate and my father an accountant, lawyer, and tax specialist. So when I spoke to them about my desire, they both recommended I study business. “You can work doing anything and pretty much everywhere when you study business,” they said.

So, I went to college to study business and majored in finance and marketing. I proceeded to work in the financial industry where I quickly rose to the position of being in charge of generating and creating the financial reports and projections for hotels to request loans from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

From there, I moved into the pharmaceutical industry where I organized and led events with over 1,000 participants several times a year. Later, I was in charge of leading teams in the sales and marketing departments, and being responsible for the entire marketing and sales operation of a $60M product alongside its P&L and its team.

I have worked in finance, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications amongst others, always leading teams and being ultimately responsible for marketing and sales.

After eight country relocations and ten years moving from country to country, I was determined to find a job that would allow me to be location independent, make my own money, and raise my children at the same time. I went back to school to study psychology and human behavior, and I became certified as a Master Professional Coach.

Before deciding to join How to Manage A Small Law Firm, I founded and grew my own coaching business from 2012 to 2017 where I specialized in helping others build businesses, get leads, market their services, get clients, and grow their revenues.

I was teaching courses on marketing, sales, public speaking, copywriting, online marketing, and mindset while helping a large number of individuals change their lives by growing their businesses, making awesome money, and overcoming their perceived limitations.

I find incredible satisfaction in mentoring individuals to optimize performance and grow professionally, personally, and financially. I thrive in roles where there is a challenge to grow a business beyond what the owner thought possible. I love mentoring individuals to become the best version of themselves.

I am proud to be a dynamic speaker, a devoted mom, and the author of Beyond the Lies ~ The Ways Women Sacrifice Freedom by Relying on Others.

My husband Oscar and I have four children with whom we live in Miami, Florida, alongside our three dogs – a cocker spaniel (Scott), a Westie Highlander (Sophie), and a Maltese (Lilli).

During the weekends, I usually ditch the makeup and high heels, and you will find me with a ponytail doing some sort of outdoor activity. I love skiing, scuba-diving, white-water rafting, and everything that takes me to the outdoors. I also love reading about everything leadership, human behavior, and personal development.

And I am looking forward to meeting YOU and helping YOU transform your business and your life.

Sherri L. Mansell, C.P.A.

Sherri is a native Floridian as well as an entrepreneur and business professional with over 30 years of operational, accounting and financial experience. Sherri began her career as an auditor with Arthur Young, serving a broad range of clientele ranging from large SEC corporations to smaller entrepreneurial organizations. She has experience across a wide variety of industries, as well as both public and private corporate experience.  She met her husband in 1981 at University of Florida where she graduated with an accounting degree, and then went on to obtain her CPA license.  She and her husband have four grown children, and are officially ‘empty nesters’.

Most recently, she was VP of Finance for Dental Whale, a $70M company providing corporate-level infrastructure services to dentists across the United States, including consulting services to help the members grow by following proven methodologies and best practices and/or by acquisitions.  As one of the first employees of the company, she was also involved in much of the operations.  There she started the company’s franchising equipment repairs and sales division, and then created value-added bookkeeping services for over 100 dental practices. As the company grew, she developed the financial statement consolidation process incorporating 55 entities.

Previously, Sherri was the Managing Director of Operations for Latin America and Caribbean Sales for Citrix Systems (NASD: CTXS), a global leader in on-demand, information access where she developed the integrated sales process and coordinated project implementation teams. Prior to joining Citrix, she was co-founder and CFO of Innovex Group, an e-Business Consulting organization that was eventually purchased by Citrix, and previously was the CFO of Rally Accessories, an automotive accessories manufacturer in Miami Lakes.

At Innovex Group, Sherri and her partners were recognized for several prestigious awards, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist.  She has been active in her local community where she served as a Governing Board member and chair of the finance committee for Imagine Charter School of Weston. She also helped found the school’s Bi-literate Program, one if the first of its kind in Broward County.  Sherri and her husband, Larry, enjoy experiencing local cultural events and dining, and spend much of their leisure time in their mountains of North Carolina where they have a second home and appreciate the many outdoor activities.