Binghamton Your Questions

RJon and Mike go through questions and answer them live while in New York. Watch now to see their responses!

Small Law Firm Marketing Series - Discussion Forum

This discussion forum was created to allow you to ask questions and post comments on any of the information that you received from any of the videos within this series. We also posted several videos for you to reference back to.

VIP Days

Hear what our members have to say about one of the most exciting workshops we have to offer.

Practice or Business - Video Series

BREAK FREE AND BECOME A LAW FIRM ENTREPRENEUR! Do you own your law practice, or does it own you?

Practice or Business - Video 1

In this video RJon goes over key tactics to make a quantum leap in your business of running a law firm.

Practice or Business - Video Series - Video 2

Founder RJon Robins explains crucial marketing strategies to marketing your law firm successfully in these videos. Watch Now!

RETIRED - how to sell legal services July 2016 Video Discussion

RJon Robins gives an in depth analysis and explanation on how to sell legal services with ease within these few short videos. Watch Now!

Kaeci's Story Video Page

Hear our very own Operations Assistant Kaeci's story of her role and experinece here with us at How To Manage A Small Law Firm.

sausage factory 2016 - 11 Video discussion

Founder RJon Robins offers a valuable financial safety resource and describes its importance in running a successful business. Watch the video to get this free resource!

Amelia Earhart’s Trans-Atlantic Flight as a Guide for Writing Your Law Firm’s Business Plan

In this short video RJon explains how to break down your firm’s goals, to make an actionable plan you can execute on.

What Airport Car Rental and Secret Shopping Your Law Firm Have in Common

RJon and his driver Isaac, explain the importance of the client experience, and just how you can secret shop your firm to know if it’s operating the way it should be.

Kite Surfing, and becoming a first time Million-Dollar Law Firm Owner.

It takes time, practice, and guidance to master a new skill, whether in business or out on a beach. You didn’t learn how to run a business in law school, so owning and growing your law firm is a new skill you are learning to master.