Insomnia Cookies NYC: Generating repeat and referral business for your law firm.

RJon shares a lesson inspired by Insomnia Cookies in New York City’s Financial District. The cookie shop is known for its warm cookies, and had a line nearly out-the-door while RJon was enjoying lunch and shooting this video. So, if a cookie shop can maintain such high volume, what is stopping your firm?

Ritz Club – What will you stop tolerating, and start changing to achieve success?

This lesson comes after RJon reaches his tenth day free of caffeine. A message which centered around the things you have done that helped grow your business, and why you need to stop doing the things you are doing now to keep growing your business.

how to sell legal services July 2016 Video 4

Founder RJon Robins describes how to get comfortable selling by getting better at selling or by getting better at selling by becoming more comfortable with selling. Watch Now!

how to sell legal services July 2016 Video 3

Founder RJon Robins answers member submitted questions and elaborates the crucial implementation of a solid sales plan.

how to sell legal services July 2016 Video 2

Founder RJon Robins offers insight on how to sell a service and what that means. Watch Now!

how to sell legal services July 2016 Video 1

Introductory video into the How To Sell Legal Services video lesson series. Follow along as founder RJon Robins drives down the Pacific coast and answers your questions. Tune in now!

how to sell legal services July 2016 Video discussion

Entirety of the How To Sell Legal Services video series all in one link! Check out what founder RJon Robins has to say on how crucial it is to be able to effectively sale and market legal services.


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