Who can say “no” to an extra $20,000 a month?
You’d be surprised to learn many lawyers do. But we know you’re different from the rest because you know good things come to those who work SMART. And don’t worry…because in this video we’ll teach you everything you have to do to say “YES! I want those extra $20,000!”
I hope you’ve already thought of at least five ways you could use that extra cash.
Or maybe you want more… $30,000? $50,000?
Either way, IT DOESN’T MATTER because that number is easily interchangable for whatever you want. Maximizing productivity and success gets you anywhere.
So how does this work? It’s simple. By using your calendar you can predictably and reliably find potential new clients. Add in an A-Team salesperson and there’s no stopping your firm from becoming the next big thing…but that’s a post for another day.
Look, all I’m trying to say is that you can do whatever you want with your calendar because once you know how to use it, there’s no stopping you. The rest is simply up to you in adopting a success-oriented mindset.
Didn’t anyone tell you?
Growing law firms is our business. If you enjoyed this video but still have some questions about How to MARKET a Small Law Firm give us a call. Our team is committed to your success.