Attention Business Transactional Attorneys:  Law firm marketing contest!

Opportunity is knocking.  The only question is what are YOU going to do about it?

Most of my business transactional Members are having a field day with all the changes going on in the economy.  Because change is always good for smart and pro-active lawyers.  Not least of which because lawyers who aren’t so pro-active usually abandon the field and forefit all their clients to us! This is one way of expanding your business.

So here’s a lead any business transactional lawyer can use to generate I’d estimate this one lead alone, if you take action on it, should be worth AT LEAST an “extra” fifty thousand dollars in legal fees this year. And any of this is possible by developing your client base.

And best of all our buddy Tad all but lays it out for you.


Now go forth and prosper!  And then come back and tell me all about it.


p.s. I’ll have a contest!  Follow the link above.  Read the article.  Leave a comment below explaining how YOU are planning to profit with this information.  The most creative and practical comment will win a complimentary 25 minute private strategy session with me. (Value: $400)