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FREE Business Plan Bootcamp Kicks Off November 29

Master Your Profit Plan In Our NO RISK 5-Week Business Plan Bootcamp

fully-refundable $997 seat deposit

This Business Plan Bootcamp designed for Small Law Firm Owners is FREE!

What if we told you that in just 5 weeks you could create a profit plan that sets up your firm for exponential growth and that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee? Our PROVEN program has changed the lives of hundreds of law firm owners by fast-tracking their growth.

This 5-Week Business plan Bootcamp Starts November 29

This is limited to a small, highly-motivated group of law firm owners

fully-refundable $997 seat deposit

This program will change the way YOUR PRACTICE operates.

These are FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES of small business management. They are the same basic principles of profitable law firm marketing, sales, staffing, systematization, and financial management that TENS OF THOUSANDS of successful law firm owners have been using for GENERATIONS.

We believe that LESS yields MORE and simplicity yields growth.

If you cut all the extra and add only the practices that positively impact your bottom line, the needle will move.

You Will Get the Help You Need

We're going to help you maximize the way you operate

Week 1: november 29

Setting Goals and Developing Your Magic Statement

Part of achieving those high revenue goals is being able to define and communicate your “magic statement.” Your magic statement is how you describe your unique value to your prospects so that you are positioned as the obvious and best solution.

Week one will provide the EXACT words you need to use in your marketing and networking to close the deal!

Week 2: december 6

Financial Model and Metrics

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. You’ll learn the six key reports successful law firm owners run and review every single month to keep their income on an upward trajectory.

Week 3: december 13

Mindset and Sales

The most critical aspects of any successful law firm are sales and marketing. If you’re not converting prospective clients into paying clients, you’re going to go out of business.

You’re going to learn the powerful mindset shift that can massively increase your revenue AND how to automate your lead generation process by implementing a marketing funnel that feeds your pipeline qualified leads … even while you sleep.

Week 4: december 20

7 Factors to Grow Your Firm FAST!

There are seven main parts of every profitable law firm. Once you understand how to balance and maximize each part, you’re set up for predictable, consistent growth! You’ll get one-on-one help from our advisors to create your individual business plan, focusing on each of these seven parts!

*Each weekly session is accompanied by a workbook. You’ll use this to take notes and complete homework assignment for the week.

Week 5: January 19

LIVE, IN-PERSON Wrap Up Session in Anaheim, CA

The final session is LIVE & IN-PERSON. Here you will tie together everything you’ve learned so far.

At the live event, you’ll receive a more thorough deep-dive into each of the seven main parts of a law firm, an exclusive opportunity to access the members-only Live Quarterly Meeting, and time to network and meet other entrepreneurial attorneys who could become some of your best referral sources.

This 5-Week Business plan Bootcamp Starts november 29

It's Free! You’ll walk away with action steps to IMMEDIATELY make your firm more profitable

fully-refundable $997 seat deposit

We’ve helped hundreds of law firm owners like you build businesses they love

Set Up Your Firm For Exponential Growth

Meldie Moore – Member Since 2019

Meldie was at a loss. She had all but given up hope. Peer mentor groups, business coaches, and books didn’t understand the firm side of things. Listen as Meldie describes the piece of mind, confidence, and inspiration bootcamp provided her. This worked for Meldie and it will work for you, too.

John Benson – Member Since 2020

John realized he wasn’t going to reach his goals without a roadmap. In Bootcamp, he created a plan that gave him what he calls, “Perfect Clarity” and the policies and procedures he needed to lead his law firm into the future. John enrolled in our C-Suite Program, but credits Bootcamp as the game changer that made management of his firm finally make sense!

New results require new action

In just five weeks, you will walk away with a business plan engineered to help your firm grow faster

Things aren’t going to suddenly get easier. You must decide to do something different. In just 5 weeks, an exclusive group of Small Law Firm Owners is going to take control. They will learn everything they need to know to reach their full potential and highest level of freedom.

Simply pay your fully-refundable $997 seat deposit, show up, and do the work.

We ask for a seat deposit as a sign of your commitment as each group is limited in size to ensure participants have a chance for personalized attention and laser coaching throughout the program.

Bootcamp BEGINS

november 29

Fully-refundable $997 seat deposit

Every Wednesday from 3 – 6 PM EST
Final Session January 19
LIVE in Anaheim, CA

We ask for a seat deposit as a sign of your commitment as each group is limited in size to ensure participants have a chance for personalized attention and laser coaching throughout the program.

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Our PROVEN 5-week program has changed the
lives of hundreds of law firm owners by
fast-tracking their growth