Amelia Earhart’s Trans-Atlantic Flight as a Guide for Writing Your Law Firm’s Business Plan
Date: July 2016,
Location: San Diego, Air and Space Museum (

High velocity growth and exponential growth leaps in your law firm business, are not as intimidating as it might sound.

RJon visited the San Francisco Air & Space Museum, and studied the timeline of Amelia Earhart’s achievements and the first Atlantic Ocean crossing. THOSE milestones in history were done at a high velocity rate, and much scarier than what growing your law firm might feel like. If you make it a point to know where you want your firm to be in 12, 18, and 24 months and make a detailed plan to get there, you will experience high velocity growth and will also be able to adjust in case the weather changes. Without a plan you are flying aimlessly into unknown territory, miles away from a safe place to land.

In this short video RJon explains how to break down your firm’s goals, to make an actionable plan you can execute on.

Once you have a written plan, you will realize the growth is completely attainable, and suddenly doesn’t even seem all that hard. You can download our free Business Plan Workbook for small law firms, and start creating a flight plan that will get your law firm to where you want it to be.