Audrey Chisholm says:

RJON, where can I get the forms of the Client Ledger and Overall
Firm Journal? When I watched the video, it did not appear as a slide and
I was unable to save them or print them out. Thanks!

Here it is Audrey:

Download Sample ledgers & Journal

In case you HAVEN'T seen it yet, what Audrey is asking about is a free gift I shared with her that you can still get for FREE too.

It's called “A Simple System For How To Manage A Law Firm Client Property Trust Account That WON'T Make You Feel Like A Schmuck!”

Because any lawyer who has ever started his or her own law firm and who DIDN'T feel like a schmuck about being charged with the responsibility for accounting for our clients property, setting up an IOLTA account, etc., either:

a. Is too embarrassed to admit it; or

b. Really IS a schmuck because learning how to manage your IOLTA isn't something they teach us in law school and it's not the sort of thing you just pick-up from experience.  You either learn how to do it, or you can be pretty sure you're flying blind.  And only a fool (that's what Schmuck means in Yiddish) takes responsibility for something he or she doesn't know anything about; or

c. Has had some sort of financial training before going to law school.  Like maybe they have an MBA, or a finance degree or studied book keeping or accounting.

Don't let “pride” stand in YOUR way.