How To Calculate Precisely How Much More Money You Could Be Earning From Your Solo or Small Law Firm

I’m always amused by the skepticism of some lawyers when I tell them about a program I have called “How To Double The Revenues Of Your Small Law Firm In 12 Months Or Less”.  But you really can.

And it’s not even that hard to do.  I’ve even devised a simple mathematical formula you can use to calculate how much more money YOU could be generating with your small law firm.

But instead of plugging their numbers in some lawyers prefer to make excuses.  In fact, here’s how it usually plays out…

I will invite a lawyer to listen to a free teleseminar.  I’ll promise that in about 75 minutes I’ll give them an overview of some of the steps you can take to easily and pretty reliably double your revenues in just 12 months.  I tell them ahead-of-time that, obviously, in just 75 minutes I cannot possibly tell you EVERYTHING.  But I promise I’ll share enough to prove it to you That It Really Is Possible if you follow a system I’ve created and that I back up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

“Impossible” they say!

“But what if it really was possible?”  I say “Would you give it a try knowing that I back it all up with a 100% money-back guarantee?”  “Just think of what it would do for your life if you could earn more money without even working any harder or longer.  In fact this system will even enable you to work less and have more fun and you’ll still earn more money at the practice of law”. I usually add helpfully, because I really do want as many lawyers as possible to discover how much fun and how profitable it should be to be a lawyer!

Of course, some lawyers have been so abused and so damaged and so scarred that they find it impossible to take this chance on themselves.  Even though they don’t have to risk any money.  And the potential for personal, professional and of course financial benefit are obviously great.

Sadly, I cannot help those who are unable or unwilling to help themselves.  But if you’ll have an open mind and confidence in YOURSELF I can PROVE it to you in several different ways. 

But first here’s the formula I was talking about above

a.) Take your current 5 year average gross revenues and multiply that number by negative 1 to arrive at your “Baseline Potential”  (For example if your average is $250,000 x -1 =  Baseline Potential of -$250,000.)

b.) Multiply your Baseline Potential by the average of the grades you earned in all of the law practice management and law firm marketing courses you completed in law school.  So for example if you took a single 15 hour course on law practice management and earned yourself a “B”, and you earned an “A” in your law firm marketing course, the average of those grades is a “B+” or 3.5  to arrive at you “Adjusted Baseline Potential” (-250,000 x 3.5 = -$875,000)

c.)  Calculate the difference between your Adjusted Baseline Potential and 0 to arrive at you “Raw Potential For Growth Through Learning Everything They Didn’t Teach You In Law School About The Business Of Managing & Marketing A Law Practice” or “Raw Potential” for short.   ( -$875,000 + $125,000 = 0)

d.) Divide your Raw Potential For Growth by your Baseline Potential to arrive finally at your Percentage Potential For Growth.  ($125,000 / $250,000 = 50%)  That’s about the percentage of the potential additional income you could be generating from your small law firm. 

Not quite “doubling” is it?  But what if you never took even a single course in law school (or since) on how to manage or how to market a small law firm?  You took thousands of hours to learn how to practice law didn’t you?  But none, zero, zippo, zilch on how to manage & market the business of a law firm?  But you still doubt your own potential for growth & improvement?

“Of course not RJon!  Now that  you put it like that I’m really excited about my own potential.  How do I learn more about this free telseminar you were talking about!?!?”

Well, I’m glad you asked because HERE is  where you go to sign-up!


p.s. I am the sole person responsible for creation of the formula above.  Do not make important decisions based soley on that formula without consulting with me first because its results must be interpreted in connection with another formula for calculating how much more FUN you could be having as the owner of your small law firm.