It’s amazing how many professionals choose their line of work after having been a patient, client, customer etc.  All other things being equal, I know I’d prefer to have a doctor/lawyer/accountant, etc. who has been through what I am coming to them for help with.  I think that having had to hire lawyers and having had the client experience makes me a better attorney.  It certainly helps me keep my clients’ priorities in mind.  And those priorities very rarely include getting a lecture from my attorney about what an idiot I am for having gotten myself into the position of needing his/her help in the first place.  The next time you’re counseling a client, try & couch your advice in terms of what can be done, empathize with the feelings they must be having that may cloud their better judgement and let them know that they are not the only one in the world who has gotten into their current predicament.  I guarantee, this alone will boost your revenue and lower your stress from your practice.