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The Hidden Relationship Between Risk, Profit, & Regret

This week, we’re going back to RJon’s members-only meeting in San Diego from July 2016. In this lesson, RJon explains how risk, profit, and regret are all connected, and how you can harness risk to make a profit in your life and your business.

Nothing That Other People Do Is Because of You

In this Part 2 from RJon’s July 2013 live quarterly meeting in Miami, he continues his lesson on how to become a profitable networker by teaching you how to never take ANYTHING personally again. This skill will make you bullet-proof.

Build a Referral Marketing Machine

Today, we’re diving deep into the vault, pulling out a lesson from RJon’s members-only meeting in July 2013 in Miami where he teaches you how to stop networking randomly, and instead build a referral marketing machine that will produce business for years to come.

You Are What You Believe

This week we’re sharing the second part of RJon’s lesson about understanding who you really are. In this episode, RJon explains why our beliefs dictate who we are, and why it’s so important that we recognize what’s happening.

Who Are You?

Today, we’re sharing part 1 of a two-part episode taken from a lesson RJon gave during his January 2016 live quarterly meeting in Malibu. He starts with a simple question. But answering the question takes serious work, and it has serious implications for the future success of your business.

Break Up With Your Past And Present Self

Today, RJon continues his lesson about decision-making from his April 2015 Live Quarterly Meeting in Los Angeles. In this episode, you’ll learn a deceptively simple secret about how to become a million-dollar business.