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Our Team

Nancy Albert

Nancy has held a variety of positions including Training Coordinator, Business Owner, and was previously with Protranslating as Conference Coordinator where they were responsible for leading and managing interpreting teams for international conferences and coordinating onsite setups with both the client and venue.  Nancy is most proud of building a business from the ground up and helping women launch their own businesses. In their spare time, Nancy enjoys yoga, road biking, and listening to true crime podcasts.  Nancy’s event managing career began when she worked for an anti-narcotics task force.

Nicholas Correa

Nicholas Correa has held a variety of positions including front register at Panera and student at MDC. He was responsible for opening the bakery in an organized manner, welcoming customers, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Nicholas is most proud of being a part of a new system integration for the finance department at HTM. Currently he is halfway to a Bachelor’s Degree in supervision and management with an accounting concentration.  In his spare time Nicholas enjoys playing guitar, researching and investing in stocks, and reading a good book!

Pamela Christenberry

Pamela has held a variety of positions, including Fiscal Officer, Accounting Associate, Executive Assistant, and Assistant Manager, and was previously with the Indiana Supreme Court, Office of Court Services as a Sr. Administrative Assistant, where she was responsible for providing administrative support to the Legal Support Division, managed support for committees comprised of attorneys and judges, composed correspondence for public access records requests, and assisted with the editing and formatting of bench books, guides, manuals, and other materials.  Pamela is most proud of completing her associate’s degree while working as a Fiscal Officer at Indiana University and raising her two children. In her spare time, Pamela enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, working with church ministries, crafting, sewing, and traveling with her husband of 20 + years.

Radwan Hayek

Radwan has held a variety of accounting positions and was previously with Xendoo as a Staff Accountant where he was responsible for ensuring small businesses received and understood their financials. Radwan is most proud of being able to understand the needs of businesses in a variety of industries. He graduated from Florida International University with a BA in Finance. In his spare time, Radwan enjoys playing soccer, bodybuilding and working on cars.

Raul Longoria

Raul has held a variety of positions including Creative Director and was previously with TradeCraft as Lead Graphic Designer where he was responsible for conceptualizing and developing creative content for print, web, video and social media applications. Raul is most proud of the connections he’s made with various clients over the years, ranging from small businesses and partner marketing agencies to local musicians and artists. As of 2023, Raul has been a part of the professional design world for 10 years, though he’s been developing his skills since as early as 2008. In his spare time, Raul enjoys spending time with his wife (Katia), their dog (Puba), and two cats (Macchi & Nemo), playing TTRPGs (tabletop role-playing games) like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and Call of Cthulhu, and loves all things horror, from books to movies and everything in between. As a personal project, Raul has recently started writing a horror novel of his own.

Riva Benjamin

Riva has held a variety of positions including Executive Assistant, Intake Lead, Direct Support Professional for adults with Disabilities, and was previously with Sinai Holdings as Executive Assistant where she was responsible for the licensure for various corporate entities. Riva is most proud of the work she did helping people with disabilities gain independence. In her spare time, Riva enjoys the beach, reading, and spending time with family and friends.