I received a funny response to a recent email I sent out to readers of my e-zine.  The subject line was “Would You Give Me $1 If I Gave You Back $10?”  The response was clever and pretty funny, but it also gave me cause for some concern that I may be taking the careers and well-being of some of my readers more seriously than they do.

As is my policy, I’ve deleted any identifying information but otherwise the exchange is unchanged.

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From: Jamie Sxxxxxx [mailto:jxxxxxx@austin.rr.com]
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2007 1:57 PM
To: How To Make It Rain
Subject: Re: Would You Give Me $1 If I Gave You Back $10?

Would You Give Me $1 If I Gave You Back $10?

No, but I’ll make you a deal… just send me $8 to start off with…that way you save a buck. Then take that one dollar, and instead of giving me back ten, send me another $8.

Again, you make a dollar. Because you didn’t give me back the whole ten. Rinse and repeat.

My Reply

Very cute, but are you making as much money from your law firm business as you’d hoped back when you decided to open your own office? Are you spending as many hours as you’d like with your friends & family instead of in the office? Have you found a way to develop a practice that has you looking forward to going to work because the work feeds your soul?

As anyone who has listened to any of my programs, or read my free & for-sale e-books, or participated in any of my seminars, or hoisted a beer with me out on the boat can tell you,  I REALLY like to have fun. And I love to joke around. But treating your career like a joke is no laughing

matter in my book. I take the financial and professional success
of my clients very seriously.

I don’t mean to come off like a stick in mud, I really do think your response was very clever. I just worry sometimes that there are tens of thousands of lawyers out there who find it easier to make a dismissive joke, rather than to take action to improve their practices and their lives. 

The POINT of that e-mail was that there is a great business opportunity available to readers of my e-zine. Specifically, the opportunity to make a very small investment that hundreds of lawyers credit for helping them generate tens of thousands of dollars of new business. And as any small business owner can tell you, investing a few dollars to get back a lot is a smart move.

Anyway, thanks at least for the laugh!



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