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There are many different REWARDS that you could earn by collecting enough reward points. Each REWARD will have a set amount of points that you will need to accumulate in order to redeem it. Custom REWARDS are available EXCLUSIVELY through the HTM Referral Rewards Program and are not available to purchase. You can apply your Reward Points to whichever REWARD you prefer.

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Program Rules

You must be registered as a referral partner in order to receive points. Only current HTM members can register as a referral partner through this program. Click HERE to register as a Referral Partner. Points will be retro-actively given to any member that referred someone, who subsequently became a member after Oct 2016 Orientation, and is still a current member.

One (1) reward point will be given to each HTM member Referral Partner who refers a prospect who ATTENDS Discovery Day and SIGNS UP to become an HTM member.

CLICK HERE for Full Rules and “How To Earn Points.”


Aleloop Mastermind

The original “Yes or Yes”!  Mastermind with Aleloop (instead of RJon) as the facilitator.  Ale has been the driving force behind the scenes who has “built” many of the best processes and systems that made How To Manage a Small Law Firm grow more than ten thousand percent (multiply your current income by 10) in less than 9 years.  She’s the one who has helped RJon keep it together as the locomotive dragged him through his own terror barriers.  She’s the one who coined the phrase “Taye Astuya!”  Ale is known by some people as “She who is not to be trifled with” and by many former employees as “the biggest bitch in the world”.  But she rose to the very top of a blatantly male chauvinistic industry in South America where they scoff at the very idea of equal employment so you better “upper your game” if you want to get ahead.

Minimum 8 Participants
Maximum 10 Participants
Location: Miami, Florida

Price To Participate: 5 Points

Telephone Mystery Shop Your Law Firm

Do you want to know what the mice are REALLY doing when the cat’s away?  Do you want to find out how well your intake systems stand-up to a little pressure?  Maybe even a lot of pressure?  “Nah, why would I care since it’s ONLY my entire income that hinges on this potentially weak link in the chain!”  You will complete a very brief questionnaire to help us design a realistic potential client profile & “back story”.  And then at some point during about a 2-3 week period at least one call that comes through your intake procedure will be a mystery shopper who will put your processes and your team through their paces. The call(s) will be recorded for your review and a “score card” will be completed to help you analyze/evaluate your firm’s performance.   Click HERE to see for yourself what happened when we Mystery Shopped” Sara Khaki’s firm, accidentally broke someone on her staff and then made it up to her by mystery shopping her firm again.  Actually there was nothing to “make up for” Sara said it was a “life saver” to know that her intake person couldn’t handle it!

Minimum 1 Participant (Just for You)
No Maximum
Location: Via Telephone

Price To Participate: 1 Point

Live Sales & Marketing Workshop Hosted by RJon & Erika

Prepare to get a lot of work done during this 3 day highly-interactive workshop.  You will learn about the theories behind intake and sales systems. You will study some of the most effective intake & sales systems around.  You will discuss, design and build your very own intake & sales system.  You will role-play and test your new or simply-improved intake & sales system.  Then you will go home and plug your new & improved sales & intake system into your firm and watch it work.  You should definitely plan to bring a member from your staff to this workshop to get them fully bought-in, and to help you build the systems.

Minimum 10 Participants
Maximum 12 Participants
Location: Miami, Florida

Price To Participate: 4 Points

Teenager & Young Adult Money/Mindset/Entrepreneurial Boot Camp

(Recommended for ages 14-25) lead by RJon, Erika & Christopher Anderson
Want your kids to hear it from someone-else besides YOU that they are giving their power away when they make-excuses and blame others?  Want your kids to hear, see, think-about and even role-play various real-life situations where their need to be right, need to be special, need to please others, etc. could really screw them up?  Howabout if we also arm them with some practical tools to spot when their subconscious could be holding them back and spot where they may be vulnerable in their lives because they might be trying to “get” love, security and/or self-esteem from others?  Oh, and would it be even better if we also educated them about what money really is, where it comes from, how to use it and we could even throw-in some lessons about how to make and manage a budget, balance a checkbook, and a bunch of other practical skills some of us didn’t learn until it’s too embarrassing to admit when?

Minimum 12 Participants
Maximum 15 Participants
Location: TBD – Kids under 18 should be accompanied by an adult who will be kept OUT of the room most of the time.

Price To Participate: It SHOULD be 10 Points but we really want to make this available for you so we’ll make it only 5 Points

Shared VIP & Ski with Christopher Anderson

This will be a 3 day ski & VIP event.  Bring your most challenging business problems and most exciting business opportunities and get Chris Anderson’s undivided-attention on the ski-lift (when it’s your turn on the “hot seat”, at the lodge and over dinners & hot coco.  You will be responsible for your own travel lodging & ski equipment.  And you can bring a “plus 1”!

HTM will cover lift passes and shared meals for participants.

Minimum 3 Participants (If 3 participants it will be a 2 day VIP experience)
Maximum 4 Participants
Location: TBD.

Price To Participate: 5 Points

Shared VIP & Wine Country Tour with Kristen David

This will be a 3 day VIP event. Bring your most challenging business problems and most exciting business opportunities and get Kristen David’s undivided-attention when it’s your turn on the “hot seat”, at a different winery for each person’s turn. You will be responsible for your own travel lodging. And you can bring a “plus 1”!

Minimum 3 Participants (If 3 participants it will be a 2 day VIP experience)
Maximum 4 Participants
Location: TBD.

Price To Participate: 5 Points

Policies + Procedures = Systems & SANITY (101) workshop with Kristen David

You’ve been hearing about how amazing these exclusive workshops are. You’ve seen for yourself the participants who return and then their firms completely take-off. You’ve been witness to the raving-fan testimonials and you wondered “What the heck did Kristen DO to these people during those 4 days!?!?!” Your firm will be elevated to an entirely new level of professionalism, predictability and profits when you finally get your shit together by learning about, thinking-through, drafting, explaining/defending and discussing the 12 “key” internal policies, 12 “key” external policies & 24 “key” operational procedures that are the foundation of every well-run law firm, large or small. And best of all you’ll benefit from the fact that there will be 11 other firms working on their own key policies & key operational procedures too.

Minimum 10 Participants
Maximum 15 Participants
Location: TBD.

Price To Participate: 4 Points

Policies + Procedures = Systems & SANITY (202) workshop with Kristen David

See above. Now double the intensity, double the productivity, double the profitability, and double the fun! 101 is a pre-requisite and if you’ve done 101 you already KNOW why you must do whatever it takes to get into 202!

Minimum 10 Participants
Maximum 15 Participants
Location: TBD.

Price To Participate: 4 Points

Video of you for your website shot and produced by RJon

RJon will sit with you and help you develop your message. Then he will turn on the camera(s) and “direct” you. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable on camera and maybe that’s the excuse you’ve been hiding behind! RJon will make the whole experience fun and easy for you and you’ll get a good is good-enough video that will begin making you some money, and get you started on your journey. And if you’re already comfortable on-camera he’ll teach you some high-level communication and sales techniques that may (or may not) blow your mind.

Minimum 1 Participant at a time
Maximum 4 Participants at a time
Location: in connection with an LQM.

Price To Participate: 3 Points

*** Important Steps That Must Be Taken To Earn Points***

To earn Referral Points, all of the steps below must be followed:

  1. You must sign up/register for the Referral Rewards Program using the form on this page. Only HTM current Members are eligible.
  2. Any person you refer must schedule an appointment using your unique Referral link. (Your Referral link can be found in the Referral dashboard after you have signed into your Referral Partner Account.).
  3. Your referral must register and attend Discovery Day (Orientation).

CLICK HERE for Full Rules and “How To Earn Points.”

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