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How To Earn Points

How To Earn HTM Reward Points

*** Important Steps That Must Be Taken to Earn Points ***

To earn Referral Points, all of the steps below must be followed:

  1. You must sign up/register for the Referral program using the form on this page.
  2. Any person you refer must schedule an appointment using your unique Referral link. (Your Referral link can be found in the Referral Partner dashboard after you have signed into your Referral account).
  3. Your referral must register and attend Discovery Day (Orientation).

ONE HTM Member Sign-up* = ONE POINT

One (1) Reward Point will be given to each Referral Partner (who is a current HTM Member) that refers a prospect who ATTENDS Discovery Day and subsequently becomes an HTM member.

Here’s the Process:

You, as the Referral Partner, send your (unique) referral link to a fellow solo attorney or small firm owner who will benefit from How to Manage services to help them grow their firm. Your unique link can be found in your Referral Account Dashboard.

Your link leads to the Appointment page where they schedule a phone meeting with HTM to discuss the available tools.

During the scheduled appointment, your referring attorney will be asked to purchase a ticket to attend the very next “Discovery Day.”

When your referral purchases a “Discovery Day” ticket, you, as the Referral Partner, are credited with ONE POINT. The point will show up in your Referral Account under “My Ledger” in the “Commissions Earned”

At Discovery Day, attendees (and your referral) are encouraged to sign up as a member of How to Manage. Typically, 90% of attendees convert to HTM Members. 

When your referral signs up as a member, the point remains in your account and becomes redeemable. (This is the same point you were given at the time of their Discovery Day ticket purchase). If, they choose not to become an HTM member, they are refunded their Discovery Day ticket price and your point will be removed and show up in the “Clawback” section.

*Coming soon – earn points for executing on marketing activities.

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