Why I Do What I Do. . . Don’t Let This Happen To You!

This e-mail inquiry I received recently should pretty much speaks for itself.  But I’m going to add a few words anyway. . .  I know I may come across somewhat militant about lawyer marketing (do it or die!) but I do what I do so this type of thing won’t happen to you!  No joke, this lawyer is in a seriously bad place because of a simple lack of attention to learning how to make it rain.  And there is simply no excuse.  Especially not when you can pick up some proven skills for as little as $39/month with a great little Lawyer Coaching Program we put together.  Of course ignoring the handwriting on the wall is even cheaper (free) but may prove to be a lot less productive in  the long run. . .

From: X XXXX [mailto:xxxlawyer@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 2:53 PM
To: rjon@howtomakeitrain.com
Subject: [SPAM] Coaching Program

I have worked in a large firm and a 18 attorney firm for
the last 25 years. Due to financial problems with firm, the higher paid non
senior partners are being forced out. I have never really been a rain maker because the the two senior partners have done the rain making and the next
level partners have
managed the litigation and tried cases. Further, I would like to limit litigation and concentrate on an area of the law that
would be generate clients for a solo practice, but generally avioid
litigation. I know I need some substantive training on whatever area of practice I
identify, but I also need to generate income asap once I start my
practice, probably July 1, 2007. Give me the
scoop on how your program will help me generate the cash fast on a start up.

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Michael Meyer

You post this plea for assistance without telling us what this person should do. You berate him or her for not doing something, but that something shall remain a mystery to all – except those who buy your shameless plug for the $39 “coaching.” Is this person really in such a “really bad place.” Congratulations, you’re the first blog I’ve ever removed from RSS.


It’s disappointing that Mr. Meyer misses the point. Sorry to see him go. But for everyone else, the lesson here is that law firm marketing is serious business with serious consequences.
And notwithstanding all the well-meaning bloggers out there who offer-up bits of advice, it would be foolish for anyone to believe that you can get all you need to generate tens of thousands of dollars or more for your law firm, just by reading a blog posting here & there.
You wouldn’t (shouldn’t) try to learn how to practice in a new area of the law just by reading blogs would you? Of course, not! Blogs are great, but offering a comprehensive forum to learn a new set of skills is not what blogs are for. They’re designed to bring subjects to your attention, like the subject of how important it is to pay attention to your marketing so that you don’t end up in a bad place.
Anyway, while I am militant about the importance of law firm marketing, I try never to be hard on the lawyers whose law schools failed them by not preparing them for this reality of being a lawyer today. That’s why I always redact any identifying information that could prove embarrassing. Sorry if anyone else was offended by the e-mail I shared above, but reality isn’t always so pretty.


I appreciate the blogs suggestions and ideas and take from it what I deem is beneficial. Blogs are just that, forums for exchange of ideas and opinions.