So this weekend I dognapped a cute little Pug and her buddy who is a Boxer from one of my neighbors who sadly, had gone crazy and stopped feeding them and herself too.  They were in good spirits, but just severely malnourished.  Of course, my solution was to drop the dogs off with my Sister, who is a very successful veterinarian.  So successful in fact, that she can always afford to take on a few hard-luck cases each month even when she knows ahead of time that she’s unlikely to get paid.

There is a lesson here for all the lawyers reading this who wonder sometimes why I feel so strongly that it is our ethical duty to engage in effective Rainmaking activities.  Broke lawyers don’t do anyone any  good, least of all their families, themselves and/or all the people out there who really need help but can’t afford it.  Instead, if you want to do your part to make the world a better place by standing up for clients who cannot stand up for themselves, and who cannot afford to pay for someone to stand up for them, it is imperitive that you learn how to run your law firm efficiently and generate enough good paying work that you can afford to take on a few hard-luck cases of your own from time to time.  You’ll be doing our profession and your community a good service and I will thank you in advance. . . THANKS!