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Welcome to HTM – 4 – Mindset


You can make money, or you can make excuses.

It can be easy, or it can be hard.

You can grow, or you can settle.

The number one factor that determines your reality isn’t your fancy software or your office location.

It’s your MINDSET.

And that’s why as our members learn the most powerful profit strategies for law firm growth, they also learn how to think differently.

They learn how to think like most law firm owners won’t, so they can live the rest of their lives like most law firm owners can’t.

You see lawyers are a funny bunch. Most don’t like to think of themselves as the problem. But the ones who are willing to be coached into a leadership mindset are the ones who end up being able to take 30 consecutive days off for vacation and come back to a firm that’s THRIVING.

It isn’t luck.

It’s a CHOICE.

Take a look at this video. In it you’ll hear RJon Robins talk about how we do things here. If it inspires you, come sit at our table.

And be sure to request your free copy of the HTM Manifesto. That document is the cornerstone of a new way of thinking that will change how you run your firm and ultimately change your life.

The Manifesto: Statement of Values

The HTM Manifesto is a bound booklet explaining the values and principles that have been responsible for millions of dollars in growth for thousands of law firm owners all over the country. It is the sacred text that acts as the foundation of the very “bubble” that will help YOU manifest your goals and change your life.

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