Twitter Success Story – PR leads

I've gotten quite a few emails & DM tweets lately about whether or not Twitter is a worthwhile marketing tool for a small law firm.  My answer is YES.  And if you follow my friend Laura Roeder's advice it should only take you about 20 minutes a day.

So here's a case study to demonstrate how it works. . .  We met a local artist on a local Twitter group a couple of weeks ago (@MyLifeAndArt). Then we met her for lunch. Turns out she's an accomplished Emergency Room Doctor, turned PR executive turned Artist/Entertainer who is now in hot pursuit of her passion. And get this. . . she's making more money, working fewer hours on her own schedule and Having More Fun!
But wait, there's more! We thought we were just going to take a little break to meet a cool local artist. But the conversation quickly reached a whole new level with a bunch of business and referrals going back & forth.
Plus we came home with a cool little gift which you can see in the 3:45 minute video below:

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Laura Roeder

Thanks for the mention, and what a cool twitter story!