Who wouldn’t want to double the revenues of their small law firm, if they could, right!?!?

You’d be surprised.  Because I have been showing lawyers how to double the revenues of their small law firms for nearly ten years now.  And I have a really good track record of success.  But I’ve also discovered there are some common reasons lawyers give for NOT wanting to grow their law firms.

Here They Are:

“It won’t work” As in, it’s not possible to increase the revenues of a solo law firm from say three hundred thousand dollars to six hundred thousand dollars.  To this I simply point out that the facts that the experiences of hundreds of small law firms contradict this opinion.  And it’s not even that hard to do either.  Take a solo who normally bills at $200/hour and s/he’s grossing just $200,000 per year.  All you have to do is replace hourly work with value-based work and teach them how to “sell” it to the “right” kinds of clients and you can easily double revenues.

“It won’t work for me”
  As in, sure that may work for everyone else but my practice is different.   I once helped a lawyer we’ll call her “Martha” who listened to a teleseminar and at the end she took the time to write a very nice email to me that boiled-down to “my practice is different”.  I don’t do this often but I decided to PROVE it to her by making her an offer she couldn’t look herself in the mirror again if she were to refuse it.  I offered to help her and let her pay me based only on results.  So I showed her how to safely reduce her solo general practice to a few key niches that she had a personal interest in, how to gradually convert those niches into value-based billing strategies, how to comfortably install some common-sense policies and improve efficiency by documenting procedures she thought couldn’t be documented because every case was different.  (Hint: 20% of every case really IS different.  80% can be documented.  By documenting the 80% you can thereby have alot more fun & make alot more money on the 20% that’s truly unique)   If you catch yourself saying “but my practice is different” I want to assure you that while some of it is, most of it is not.  The post script to that story by the way is the same as in nearly every case when you bill based on value:  I made more money!

“I can wait” As in, I’ll get around to making my practice better, next year.  Guess what?  It IS next year.  Every day you wake up and you make a decision.  It’s either a decision to make an improvement or it’s a decision to allow your practice to erode while you fall behind.  Last year I offered a program to help lawyers double their revenues.  Some lawyers waited and missed-out.  Others are now enjoying the benefits of taking action.  Like one 65 year old attorney who practices here in Florida.  She recently reported to me that in the past 6 months her revenues are up 94%, her overhead is only up 37% and she’s having more fun than ever before as an attorney.  Waiting to do anything that will help you, actually hurts you.  Like hanging off a cliff while mountain-climbing.  You don’t get any stronger while you’re just hanging around. Up or down there is no such thing as standing still because it makes you weaker and less able to take the action necessary to improve your life.  You may apply this to your law practice, your health and the relationships in your life.

“My situation isn’t so bad” Obviously, I am not qualified to comment on your specific situation.  However I will point out that generally-speaking:

  •  If you aren’t moving forward you are moving backward
  • The definition of insanity is doing the same thing for another year as you did last year, but expecting different results.
  • If you don’t take action today, as in right now, how are you going to feel when you look back 6 months from this day and realize you’re worse-off than you were January 1, 2010?

“I don’t believe you” As in, I hear what you’re saying RJon and I’d love to believe that what you are saying you can help me to accomplish is true but I’ve been burned before so I just can’t allow myself to believe anyone ever again about anything.  This is why I offer a 100% you will be happy money back guarantee on everything I do.  To absolutely eliminate this concern so we can focus on getting results instead of wasting time looking for problems.  To the extent you can introduce this “risk reversal” technique in your own practice by the way (and you can in every practice even family law) you will make more money, have happier clients and have much less stress as an attorney.

“It costs too much” This is actually sometimes a legitimate excuse.  Except that since I happen to love doing what I do so much and since I have such a proven record of success I have a pricing strategy to fit every budget.  If you have chosen the “right” niche to practice in you should love to help your clients as much as I love helping mine.  And if you’re really helping them then there’s always a creative billing strategy that you can employ than enables you to help the “right” clients.  Of course, price objection when combined with a 100% money-back guarantee is also a red flag sometimes that you’re dealing with someone who isn’t really serious about improving their situation.  This one can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated so be careful.  More about this later.

“It’s too hard” People want magic pills.  They want wizards with magic wands.  We both know that doesn’t really exist.  By breaking down a complex process (like doubling the revenues of a small law firm) into bite-sized digestible steps we can make it easy.And part of the process is of course to install proper administrative processes & procedures so that more revenues don’t just mean more work.  But instead means more of the fun stuff for you and more automation & delegation of the stuff none of us likes to do.  Because happy lawyers make more money!



Ale decided she’s sleeping late today and that we’re NOT working most of next week, since we spent most of this past week with the flu. 

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