I often like to eat breakfast out at a little place around the corner by myself.  I go there so often they let me take my coffee mug home with me like other places let you take a doggie bag (of course that’s because I always return with the mug after I clean it).  Anyway, reason I like to eat alone is because I like to eavesdrop on people eating at tables nearby…

What I overheard yesterday REALLY UPSET ME.  Two men were sitting at the table next to me talking about a client they were working for.  I never quite figured out if they were lawyers, accountants or some other kind of service but here’s what they said:

“With all of us working on it, that job isn’t going to last much longer.”

Reason(s) that upset me so much are too many to go into here so I’ll write a more in-depth article in the newsletter soon.  But the short version was that it was SO DEPRESSING.  I wasn’t so much upset for the client who they were talking about, as much as for them!  Imagine going through your career worried about a case or matter drawing to a close b/c you don’t know where your next case was going to come from.  I felt so bad for them that I almost got up to introduce myself to tell them that I could help them never have to feel that way again, but then my breakfast arrived, so I didn’t.  Oh well, maybe they are reading this blog.