I love my brain & my healthy Ego too. I treat my brain well feeding it lots of stimulating information, protecting it from too much negativity.  And exercising it with plenty of interesting challenges. In turn my brain produces lots of success and happiness in my life which-in-turn cultivates a healthy and realistic ego.

Am I perfect? Of course not.

But together these two friends treat me well enabling me to take an “I’m O.K.; You’re O.K.” approach to life.  This is how I enjoy the internal fortitude to recognize when a set of instructions were written by a FUCKING MORON who clearly has never assembled the chair depicted in the diagram below.
Or else if you want to be more charitable, I suppose we could say s/he is just a COMPLETE ASSHOLE. I don’t know, let’s just go with whichever you consider to be the more appropriate characterization after you study the diagram a little more closely.  There, you see an “I’m OK; You’re not O.K.” person wouldn’t give you that choice 😉

(HINT: Consider the fact that once you have installed the foot bar (J) in Step # 2 it becomes physicallyIMPOSSIBLE to reach the screws (N) as called for in Step #4 which follows).


So which is it, are we dealing with a fucking moron who is too stupid to write an accurate set of instructions or a complete asshole who simply couldn’t be bothered to actually test what they are instructing us to do?

“What’s this got to do with law firm marketing or law practice management?” you may say? Actually, ALOT if you think about it for a minute. . .

Consider the fact that we graduate from law school with a set of instructions for how we’re supposed to be lawyers. But those instructions are lacking critical pieces of information required to assemble a successful, prosperous and happy law firm and legal career and life in this industry.

Now, some lawyers spend their whole lives trying to insert the screw (N) into the pre-drilled hole that’s covered by foot rest (J).

And they suffer for it.

But others of us have the internal fortitude to take our lives and careers into our own hands and we make a point of giving our brains the information required to be happy lawyers.  Because after all, happy lawyers really do make more money (and we live longer with happier clients and families too.)

Question:  What have you fed your brain and your ego about how to manage your law firm today?  This week?  This month?

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