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Calling Recent Law School Graduates


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We promise, if you are serious about having a successful law firm of your own some day, and you get this job it will definitely be “worth it” to make an effort to demonstrate to us that you really are serious.

Send an email to with your name spelled backward in the subject line & your resume attached.

In the body of the email, please include a short response to the essay, “A Message to Garcia” explaining the meaning behind the short story and why you think we would ask a candidate to read this.

Once your resume is reviewed (if you follow these instructions) you’ll get a call from our team to arrange the next steps.

“This is a group of happy lawyers, that you don’t find out in the general community.

If I was back graduating law school and somebody offered me the opportunity to come and work at How To Manage, I would crawl across broken glass to take that opportunity. Because what they are going to teach you is so powerful and if you’re just going to get that as part of your job… That’s almost like a miracle.”

– David Feakes, Esq., Acton, MA

Another thing that really impressed me was how happy everyone who works at HTM is.

To have a birds eye-view and be able to learn, as a new lawyer, what it takes to build a successful law firm, that’s an experience and it’s priceless.”

-Beth Tibbott & Dana Richardson, Esq., Pittsburgh, PA

I think HTM would be a great company to come work for the reason for that is in law school they really tell us how to be a tactician, how to do great legal work, but when you get out in the real world you find that’s not what allows you to help more people.

– Josh Nelson, Esq., Woodstock, GA

photo of a group of happy successful lawyer learning and sharing together at an htm live quarterly meeting event

“The opportunity to go and work at HTMSLF for 2 years right out of law school, if you;re interested in opening your own firm, it is invaluable. I can’t stress enough how much I would’ve done that if I had that opportunity. 

My firm would probably be 3x as large as it is, or more, if I had started there. ”

-Angela Faye Brown, Esq., Houston, TX,