Any idiot can tell you to go out and attend a different networking event every week, pass out business cards by the handful, and pour thousands of dollars into advertising.  And just by the law of big numbers, those kinds of activities will inveitably produce some business.

But in the end, you either make money or you make excuses so it’s important to measure the results of all that activity because too many would-be-rainmakers confuse being busy with being successful.

To me and my Rainmaking clients, being successful means making enough money to meet all of our financial goals – including affording a good disability policy to protect our current standard of living in case of tragedy or emergency.  Success to us, also means not having to work like a plow-horse to earn that level of income.  And we are also of the belief that at least some aspect of the work we do should be professionally rewarding.   

I’m curious to know if any readers of this blog either agree or have a different definition or criteria that you use to define your success?