One of the biggest problems that holds alot of lawyers back from effectively marketing their law firms is this notion that “if you’re a good enough lawyer the clients will find you”.

Of course this little ditty doesn’t hold up to even the slightest scrutiny does it?

First of all we can be the best lawyers in the world but if no-one knows about it they’re going to bring their business elsewhere.  And how is a client who didn’t go to law school, who has never attended a CLE event, and who may not even know a lawyer (which describes MOST people in this Country)… how is that person supposed to go from just barely recognizing a need for legal help to suddenly becoming an expert at devising an appropriate criteria for judging expertise and then being able to also frame their own legal issue well enough to actually find their way to the best lawyer for that particular need.

Anyway, I was recently interviewed by the Legal Broadcast Network and one of the questions posed to me was exactly on this point.  Instead of writing it all out for you, just watch the video below: