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Discovery 3-key, profit maximizing techniques to help grow your law firm

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APRIL 19, 2024    DENVER, CO    100% RISK FREE

APRIL 19, 2024



IN JUST ONE DAY, learn how to spot three (3) of the biggest “Move-The-Needle” opportunities to GROW your law firm and MAXIMIZE profitability.

  1. Plug holes in your law firm’s marketing & sales that may be are probably causing thousands of dollars of profits to leak out of your law firm (AND LIFE) each & every month

  2. Patch up inefficiencies in production that are probably driving you crazy and definitely costing you thousands MORE dollars of profit per month

  3. Figure out how to put better financial controls in place to transform your law firm from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine

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Participate in hands-on exercises and take home a simple and practical system that you can use to grow your Colorado firm the minute you get back home.

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Tune in to Golden, Colorado attorney, Marie Drake’s featured episode on the Profit First for Lawyers podcast, where she discusses how Profit First has helped her and her firm.

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