Alexis Martin Neely: NOT Full of Bullshit

So I have to say, there are ALOT of people going around talking alot of bullshit about what they "think" would, could or should work when it comes to marketing & managing a solo or small law firm. And I'm talking about REALLY marketing & managing it.  As in doubling your revenues and totally transforming your business and your life.

And for the most part, I keep my mouth shut.  Because the kinds of lawyers who I want to work with are only the ones who are smart-enough to see through the facades of all those pretenders. 

Just the other day for example I spoke with a lawyer at-length, who wanted to get into one of my programs.  But he was also considering another option with someone else who will remain nameless.  Because I have learned that the best way for that lawyer to learn the difference between working with someone who knows what they're talking about with legitimately 15,000 hours + real world experience vs. a johnny-come-lately import from an entirely different industry is to just keep my mouth shut.

Same goes when you're meeting with a prospective client who is considering their other options, even if one of those options includes hiring another lawyer who you know, can't hold a candle to you. 

Just smile, keep your mouth shut and be thankful that you confirmed the end-time for the appointment when you started so you can move onto something more profitable with the rest of your day.  Seriously, you should NEVER badmouth another lawyer.  Just like I'm not badmouthing anyone here.  Just commiserating with you about something we both already know:  There are alot of people in the world who talk a good game but they're full of shit.  And sometimes the only way to know is after we buy a ticket.

ON THE OTHER HAND, it's always a pleasure to let people know when someone is NOT full of bullshit.  Even if to the untrained-eye, it may appear that "someone" is your competitor. 

Because when it comes to professional services there really is no such thing as competition.  And one of the best ways to grow your law firm is to collaborate with other lawyers in your practice area. 

For example what if two lawyers who practice in the same city in the same area of the law were to join forces to advertise and host an educational seminar?  

Half the advertising expenses.  Half the event production expenses.  More than twice the attendance because the whole is more attractive than the parts.  More great content.  And at the end of the day, a third of the audience would naturally gravitate to lawyer A, a third would naturally gravitate to lawyer B and a third would think you're both assholes and then go home and keep looking through the phone book.

There are DOZENS of examples like this.  One more is when a lawyer you know writes a great article that would be helpful for your clients to read.  Do you share it?  Do you hope they don't find out about it? 

What's the "RIGHT" thing to do?  Well, obviously sharing it is the right thing to do.  Besides, how do you think your client would feel if they were to learn that you knew about something that could help them but your own petty insecurities prevented you from sharing. 

SO IT GIVES ME GREAT PLEASURE TO THANK ALEXIS for sending this email to all the thousands of lawyers she knows to help them by sharing my FREE video training series "A Simple System For Managing A Law Firm Client Property Trust Account That WON'T Make You Feel Like A Schmuck."

Alexis, if you're reading this, you really are the real deal!


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So Rjon, first you say: “Because I have learned that the best way for that lawyer to learn the difference between working with someone who knows what they’re talking about with legitimately 15,000 hours + real world experience vs. a johnny-come-lately import from an entirely different industry is to just keep my mouth shut.”
And then say “Seriously, you should NEVER badmouth another lawyer. Just like I’m not badmouthing anyone here.”
But don’t we, as Miamian’s, both know exactly who you’re badmouthing in your quest to promote Alexis?
That’s a shame, because I totally agree with you – I would never, ever bad mouth the competition, or recommend anyone who does.


Hi Brian,
Thanks for your participation on my blog. I’m glad you agree that it’s never good business to badmouth anyone else. With all respect though, you actually DON’T know who I’m talking about.
Notwithstanding the fact that I live in Miami, my membership base is worldwide. At last count we have Members in Australia, UK, Ireland all over the US and we just enrolled our first Member in Switzerland too.
I know who you “think” I was referring to. Would it surprise you to know that I recently referred a lawyer to that person? Because what he does and what I do are actually not even the same thing.
Making the objective observation, that in any industry there are people who are for real and there are hacks, is not equal to badmouthing the competition.
It’s simply an observation of fact.
I wish there weren’t any hacks going around taking lawyers’ money and disappointing them. Because that would certainly make my life alot easier. But there are. Just like there are some people licensed to practice law who probably shouldn’t be don’t you agree?
And it’s sorta’ hard to discuss the topic of not badmouthing people, even when they deserve it, unless at some point in the discussion we acknowledge that indeed there are people out there who arguably, deserve to be badmouthed.
By the way, I wasn’t “promoting” Alexis. I was complimenting her. Just like from time to time when they do something that impresses me I compliment Stephen Fairley, Ben Glass, David Lorenzo, Grant Griffiths, Henry Harlow, Paula Puddy, Reid Trautz and others who at first blush do what I do. In point of fact we have ALL referred business back & forth to one-another at one point or another when a lawyer comes to us and we believe someone else would be a better fit.
So anyway I’m glad to know you agree with me. And I agree with you that I would never recommend or want to be associated with anyone who is so insecure as to stoop to badmouthing their “competition”.
p.s. Here’s why the most successful professionals in any industry aren’t afraid to refer prospective clients to others in the same industry:


Rjon, nice try. Really.


and by the way Rjon, your compliments of Griffiths are demeaning to the profession.


Note to all: Grant Griffiths is a good guy who has helped alot of his clients in Kansas as well as alot of his fellow lawyers discover the benefits of blogging.
Mr Tannenbaum’s cruel and gratuitous attacks on Grant, I think demonstrate the point of my blog post above better than my own words ever could.
I should think this is the last word on this subject.


Cruel and gratuitous? Well, I guess that’s how legal marketers refer to the truth.


There are alot of things that are true. But what’s your point of singling Grant out and then for no good reason you’re dragging him into this? Do you even know the man? That’s the gratuitous part.
But there’s such a thing as discretion, empathy and kindness. So what’s your point of going out of your way to humiliate the guy? That’s the part that’s cruel.
I would appreciate if you would please stop posting comments to my blog. I think you’ve made your point.