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Workshop Terms And Conditions

I understand that life is a “do it yourself” project and so it is up to me to use my own good judgement and seek independent legal, tax, and/or financial counsel as I go about my business of implementing anything I learn in connection with this or any other program I participate in with How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm. II, LLC (“HTM”).

I understand that HTM makes no representations, promises, assurances, or warranties, as to the results I may achieve by implementing any advice, information, tools, or techniques I learn while participating in this or any other learning experience provided by them.


Payment in full must be made 14 days prior to the workshop start date. HTM reserves the right to charge the credit card indicated on file for any outstanding balance by or before 14 days prior to the workshop start date.

Payment plans, if permitted in HTM’s sole discretion, are subject to a 10% additional administrative fee.

In order to attend this workshop, I must be in good standing with HTM, including being current on all outstanding monthly membership and other workshop fees, and HTM reserves the right to refuse entry for failure to meet this requirement prior to the workshop start date.


Because our workshops are based on both minimum and maximum attendance numbers to ensure the best quality experience for all participants, we have instituted the following Cancellation Policy:

HTM reserves the right in its sole discretion to change dates and locations and/or cancel workshops based on low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. If HTM cancels or changes an event date, a registrant may request a full refund in writing within 7 days of notification of cancellation via email to . If no refund request is made within 7 days, registrant shall be issued a credit that may be applied to future workshops, but may not be applied to HTM membership fees.

If HTM does not cancel a workshop, HTM’s standard Cancellation Policy for registrants is as follows:

0-7 days from Workshop Purchase | Registrant may cancel registration and request a full refund in writing within 7 days of purchase.

30+ days prior to scheduled Workshop Start Date | Registrant may cancel registration up to 30 days prior to the scheduled workshop start date and obtain an HTM credit that may be applied to future workshops, but cannot be applied to HTM monthly membership fees.

0-29 days prior to scheduled Workshop Start Date | Except for workshops cancelled by HTM, no refunds or credits will be issued within 29 or fewer days prior to the workshop start date.


All of our workshops come with a money back guarantee on the value that we have promised to deliver.

We do not promise you will like it.  We do not promise it will be easy.  We do not promise that it will always be enjoyable… But we DO promise that it will be worth it….

To be eligible for this guarantee you must let your workshop facilitator know before the end of the workshop that you aren’t receiving the value we promised, and we will work with you to make it right.

If we can’t make it right, we will allow you to re-take the workshop, or give you a full refund.


With few exceptions, all HTM workshops include a complementary “plus one” registration. Unless specifically stated, a plus one registration is an observer registration and if the workshop includes a hotseat or one-on-one feedback, this is reserved for the member or primary attendee only.

Since it is important that we protect the integrity of the workshop and ensure that all participants have at least a basic foundation with HTM, a plus one must be a stakeholder in the firm of the HTM member. For example: A spouse or significant other, a business partner, or a team member of the firm.

Specifically excluded as plus ones are: other HTM members (you cannot “share” a workshop) and non-member business owners or lawyers. If you would like to refer a non-member to HTM, please email and we can assist you with alternative ways to introduce them to How To MANAGE A Small Law Firm.


I understand that all – or part – of my workshop may be audio, video, and photographically recorded. I expressly grant HTM and assign the right to use photographs, video, and/or audio impressions of me recorded during my participation in the workshop or program.

EXCEPT I expressly reserve the right to prohibit recording of me when it is my turn to be on “the hot seat” and if I do not want to be recorded I will explicitly ask for the recording to be stopped.

I grant HTM the right to use the photographs and my voice, picture, silhouette and other reproductions of physical likeness and class-related work in connection with any part of the Program except my turn on the hot seat in any professional endeavor in which same may be used including educational programs offered for sale or as premiums, advertising and promotions for this Program or other similar programs. I agree that HTM shall own jointly and severally all rights, title and interest including copyright in and to the complete set of original recordings with worldwide rights.

External recordings of any HTM calls, workshops, or events are not permitted.


I promise to keep confidential and not speak, blog, tweet, or otherwise disclose the details I learn at this meeting about the lives, businesses, hopes, dreams, fears, financial performance, goals, or any other personal, professional or financial information of my fellow participants.

I understand that doing so may result in my not being invited back, termination of any program I may be enrolled in without refund and the general scorn and disdain of my fellow participants who are each depending on my discretion, as I am theirs’.

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