Here’s the deal…

We have openings on Tuesday afternoon and openings on Wednesday morning for you to schedule an appointment to speak NOT with “a member from my team” but with an actual client of How To Manage A Small Law Firm or someone from their staff who sells for their law firm.

During this appointment they will ask you some questions about where your law firm is today vs. where you would prefer for your law firm to be in terms of its financial performance, the amount of control you get to enjoy over your personal time and how happy you are with certain elements of the operations of your law firm.

They will then help you get some clarity about why and how your law firm is probably performing the way it’s performing instead of delivering the life you would prefer to be living, courtesy of your law firm paying the bills, giving you the freedom and being a business you can count on to keep going & growing even when you are away.

Next, they’ll help you identify and think through some of your options, including the option (pros & cons) of doing nothing and continue on the path you’re already on.

And finally, if they believe that your firm would be a good candidate they may explain to you how our program works, how it has been working for their law firm and perhaps, invite you to attend a Discovery Day where you and your spouse or significant-other can come and conduct some  deep due diligence before you have to make any kind of long-term commitments.

This is a unique opportunity to speak with either one of our clients or someone who works closely for one of our clients in a key position in their law firm.  Opportunities will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

The openings are:

a.) Tuesday 1-2pm EST

b.) Tuesday 3-4pm EST

c.) Wednesday 11 am – 12 pm EST

d.) Wednesday 1-2pm EST