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Virtual Kids Club Resources

At our Live Quarterly Meetings we offer Kids Club to all of our members so your kids can have fun building a business (including writing a business plan which – let’s be honest – is often better than what some law firm owners have in place) while you’re focusing on your business at the LQM. I know many of your are struggling with trying to keep bored kids occupied while you conduct business just a few feet away. So let us keep them busy an hour a dayevery weekday for you! So we’ve hired our amazing Kids Club Coordinator – Kristen Keller – to bring kids club to you!

Kristen Keller with moustache

Story Time

“The Black Snake with the Big Head” narrated storybook by Aleloop


“Kids Club Activity Book”

“Kids Club – My Life Activity Book”

Exercise for 3-6yr Olds:



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