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Welcome to the How To Be An Invaluable Associate Program! We’re excited that you’ve taken steps to advance your professional development and become an invaluable associate.

This program page offers a general overview of the program, the content we’ll cover, and the resources available to you.

What will you get out of this program?

The goal of the program is for you to learn and apply the key skill sets, competencies, and strategies that are the hallmarks of every successful associate, including how to:

  • Manage and organize your practice and time
  • Increase efficiency by creating systems and workflows
  • Utilize firm resources and work with support staff
  • Build the foundation for a solid professional network
  • Develop a growth mindset and decrease stress
  • Set professional goals for growth within the firm
  • Be a happy lawyer!

Ultimately we want you to walk away with the confidence to manage your day-to-day work efficiently and effectively; to feel empowered to take on more responsibility and problem solve on your own; and to map out a path, along with your supervising attorney, for your professional attorney business development at your firm.

How is the program structured?

The 12-week training consists of a mix of weekly group training calls, monthly one-to-one coaching, and “homework” assignments. The homework is designed to not only help you learn the concepts, but also how to apply them to your practice—which is the most important part.

When and where is class?

You’ve been assigned to either Group A, or Group B which will “meet” on an open conference line at the following times:

Once every 4 weeks, you’ll also have a 30-minute one-to-one call with your instructor to discuss your goals and personal progress.


Over the course of 12 weeks, we’ll cover the following topics:

Week 1. Laying the foundation for a successful practice + magic statement

Week 2. Strategies for working with supervisors, associates, and staff

Week 3. Preparing and delivering excellent work product

Week 4. Fundamentals of effective communication

Week 5. Streamlining your practice with systems and procedures

Week 6. Practice management, organization, and calendar (Part 1)

Week 7. Practice management, organization, and calendar (Part 2)

Week 8. Comprehensive work product review

Week 9. Delivering excellent client service

Week 10. Introduction to business development / building a professional network

Week 11. Mindfulness and stress management

Week 12. Putting it all together: building a professional development plan


Remember to access the following resources to help you through the 12 weeks:

  • Resources Page that we’ll continue to update with sample workflows and checklists, “how to” guides, and overviews of key concepts.
  •  Discussion Forum where you can ask questions (“Does anyone have a recommendation for how to deal with. . .”), request samples (“Does anyone have a good example of . . .”), and share challenges (“I’m struggling with this issue . . .”).
  • Weekly Office Hours will be held every Thursday from 10am – 12pm PST.

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