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Sara Khaki joined How To Manage A Small Law Firm in 2013, shortly after starting her law practice and having less than $250K in annual revenues. Today she runs 2 successful law firms earning more that 7-figures in annual revenues, and that give her freedom as a business owner.

About Sara Khaki, Esq.

Sarah Khaki founded The Khaki Law firm in 2014 and devoted her legal practice solely to Social Security Disability. This is an area of law that is very close to her heart since she witnessed her mother suffer from cancer twice while Sara was a child and then a young adult. Sara built her law firm to over 7 figures, and when she found herself in a cash crunch one day (because yes, even a million dollar law firm will experience a cash flow hiccup), she leveraged her resources and talents into family law to generate more revenue. What she discovered is that she is also very passionate about divorce and is committed to helping her clients have a smooth divorce that will allow them to focus on their future.

Visit her website: https://thekhakilawfirm.com/