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Tech Tuesdays

Tech Tuesdays was created to support solo and small law firm owners as they transition to Virtual Law Offices.

You do NOT have to be tech savvy to have a successful remote practice!

HTM’s Tech Tuesdays will present a weekly dose of practical, relevant, no-B.S. tech tips to help you maximize the efficiency of your firm without the overwhelming task of having to figure out complicated technology tools on your own.

Each week you will receive a free tech report covering one common tech question along with quick and easy pro tips you can implement on your own to keep your firm running like a well-oiled machine.

This is Tech 101 for the NON-tech Lawyer!

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12-29-20 – Lesson 12

Looking For A Prior Week’s Lesson?

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10-13-20 – Lesson 1

10-20-20 – Lesson 2

10-27-20 – Lesson 3

11-03-20 – Lesson 4

11-10-20 – Lesson 5

11-17-20 – Lesson 6

11-24-20 – Lesson 7

12-01-20 – Lesson 8

12-08-20 – Lesson 9

12-15-20 – Lesson 10

12-22-20 – Lesson 11

Have a question? Running into a roadblock? Or maybe you figured something out and are super proud of yourself?

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