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Double Your Firms $1.5M Revenue In Just 18 Months

And Begin To Enjoy A Much
More Satisfying Role In Your Firm

At or over $1.5Million in revenue, you’re obviously doing something very right. You’ve learned a lot about how to manage a team, leverage their talents, and efficiently move you all toward your goals.  And it’s working!

Now what?  You are obviously not interested in plateauing at this income level.  Good for you!  Now it’s time to commit to yourself and to those closest to you that you will explore your firm’s full potential.

But it gets lonely for entrepreneurs who reach this level.  There are fewer people who can engage in the kinds of business conversations that are not only stimulating for you, but also help you reach new heights in your firm.

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Your old lawyer buddies can’t fix this for you.  They don’t get it (even though they may be truly brilliant lawyers). Your other business owner friends can’t relate (they may be a few phases behind you).  Your family certainly doesn’t get it.  And you have frankly outgrown the conversations that are taking place where you used to spend your time.

Something needs to change here.  You need to find more meaning, more satisfaction, and real people who get what you’re up to and can support you with where you want to take your firm.

If where you are right now was good enough, you wouldn’t be on this website.  There’s so much more growth possible for you, and that goes for all aspects of your life affected by your business.

That big promise in the headline there is not just fancy words strung together to grab your attention.  Growing your firm from $1.5M to $3M in less than two years (possibly a lot less) is something we’ve helped many lawyers do.

How do you think your life (both personally and professionally) would look different if your firm were bringing in $3M a year?

First, your personal income would also double.  So whatever you’re able to afford right now for your family and your chosen lifestyle multiply that by at least two.  You can make significantly different choices when you’re bringing $1M a year home to your family.  Much different vacations.  Much different educational opportunities for your children.  Much different possibilities for how you’ll spend your time.

Now, let’s look at the professional side of this.

It might seem impossible to you that your firm could double its income with the way things look right now.  And you’re right, things will have to look different in one very big and important way.  You would have to stop functioning as your own Chief Operating Officer.  Why?

Because your firm is not JUST here to serve you financially.  This isn’t just about money.  Your professional and personal needs must be met too in order to consider your business a success.  And while you may now be carving out a bit more time for yourself and your family than you were when you first started the firm, you can definitely do better.  Dramatically better.

And you can enjoy this work a LOT more than you do now.  Yes, you could fall back in love with your work while you DOUBLE your income!

Sound crazy?  It’s not.  It’s actually formulaic and repeatable.  That’s why we know we can show you exactly how to make this happen like we have for so many other attorneys who have reached your revenue range.

Click on the link below to download the report we’ve written to spell out for you exactly what life will look like when you employ and empower a real, live grown up professional to be your firm’s Chief Operating Officer.