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Secret Shopper


Secret Shopper

At How to Manage, via way of secret shopping, we will help you to understand your clients’ wants and needs that allow you to deliver a better experience and higher expectations. This will ultimately assist you in managing your client’s expectations and give them a more satisfying experience.

Secret shopping can provide a great insight into your staff’s strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, creates a higher level of moral and achievement within your already successful firm.

The initial conversation or meeting is where the first impression is formed, and if not gauged correctly, it loses the opportunity of a new client, resulting in the decision to go to your competitors.

Our secret shopping program focuses on the initial 10 key areas that law firms struggle with.

  • Does your firm give the caller a wonderful experience when they call in?
  • How does your potential client perceive their first contact?
  • Are you converting the calls you receive to leads…No why not?
  • Are your staff empathetic in nature to the caller?

This and much more are just some reasons why secret shopping is not only a necessity, but paramount to any law firm’s growth and success. If you have ever wondered why your calls do not turn into business, perhaps it’s time for a secret shopping assessment. We can customize a report that focuses on the areas that you may have of concern and give you unparalleled insight into your company’s lead gathering skills and conversion methods.

This evaluation shows areas that maybe in need of improvement and how to better develop any leads that arrive at your door. We realize that your time is important and so we take the stress out of you having to handle any lengthy paperwork or long conversations to set the report up. Simply agree to the secret shop, tell us any preferred dates and you’re done. Your FREE secret shop commences.

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