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As a current customer of Ruby Receptionists you get an extra-special bonus IN ADDITION to the following complimentary bonuses and


You will receive by email, the complete slide deck that was used for the full webinar to help you go back and review your notes.

Canned Email Response

Please send me the article about how to save about an hour a week (40 hours a year) by setting up “canned” or “template” emails.

A Second Monitor

Yes, please send me a video with step-by-step instructions for how to connect a second monitor to my laptop (PC or Mac) 

Use The Calendar The Way It Was Meant To Be Used

I’d like to see the video series that takes me step-by-step how to use my calendar to make the next 12 months more profitable and more predictable for my law firm.

What Else Can Take Off Your Plate

I agree it’s pretty silly that they only ever taught us in law school what “not to do” with our IOLTA, but they never actually taught us how to set-up, manage and use our client property trust account as the profitable law firm management tool it was MEANT to be. Please send me the link to watch that video series!

Specialized Knowledge

Please send me the link to get a Free audio download of “Think and Grow Rich For Lawyers.”


We know you’re going to have questions.  So on Monday June 20th from 3:00 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. EST (90 minutes) RJon has agreed to host a special Q & A call to help you implement any of these small law firm management hacks.  Or you can ask him for help with any of the challenges or opportunities you’re having with the growth of your small law firm.  Marketing, sales, production, staffing, pricing, office space, strategy, tactics, financial controls or anything else.

Lawyers regularly fly across the Country to have the chance to ask RJon for help with their law firms.  But because you’re a customer of Ruby Receptionists you get access for this unique opportunity.

If you’re a customer of Ruby Receptionists, please complete this additional RSVP form and we’ll share complete details for this complimentary extra special bonus live Q & A call to help you have the most successful law firm possible that gives you an even better life! 

What Hacks do you Want?
Check all that Apply

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