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We are only 18% away from reaching my goal of having 400 Members in our C-Suite services (CEO, COO &/or CFO).

As I have said on a number of occasions when we reach 400 we are going to put a cap on Membership for at least 1 year to give my entire team a chance to catch-up and rebuild the systems we’ve outgrown.

So Here’s The Deal…

I think it would be really great if the last 18% were to come from all of you.  That way, we can spend less time, energy and money vetting prospective new members, and spend more time developing new and better ways to help you achieve your goals.

So, we’ve created a special Member Referral Challenge designed to help us reach the last 18% of Members before we cap the Membership for at least 1 year and allows you to refer your colleagues & friends to HTM before we have to put them on a waiting list. The point of this whole challenge is to give you the tools you need to refer the most entrepreneurial, ambitious, like-minded and motivated attorneys that you know so that our community is enriched by their thoughts, personalities, and goals the same way all 320 of you make our community unique. Because at the end of the day, having more members just like all of you is why How To Manage A Small Law Firm is such a special place.

And I have in mind a super-exciting venue & experience for a maximum of TEN Winners & your guests to help you make 2019 your absolute best year so far! The reward is going to be so over the top that it will only be available to the 10 winners of the Referral Reward Challenge — this will probably never be “for sale”, at least not for the time being.

Here’s what you need to do to be eligible to participate in this exclusive experience…

1.) Be responsible for getting at least 10 prospective new members to either the October 2018 or January 2019 Discovery Day. Each prospective new member you get to either one of the Discovery Days counts as 1 point towards the 10 you need in order to win. (Previous referral points do not count for this challenge. Feel free to save them and use them towards another award.)

2.) Sit in with them at the Discovery Day to help your friends/colleagues make a truly informed decision about how they want to grow their law firm and live their life.

3.) That’s it. You’re not responsible for whether they become a Member of our program or not, just for getting them to the Discovery Day.


The 10 Winners of the Challenge Will Get to Enjoy…

  • A Complimentary VIP Session With RJon, so that you can make 2019 the best year yet for your law firm! (Normally valued at $8,000 per firm for a 4-firm Shared VIP Day)
  • A Complimentary, Private, First-Class Luxury Cabin For You & 1 Guest, On A 7-Day Cruise  (Minimum cabin value is $7,600++. Click here to see details. )
  • And of course, HTM Bragging Rights!!!  (Usually considered priceless)

If you’d like to sign up to participate in the challenge, get your personal referral link, access to the “Referral Swipe Tools”, and most importantly… Have a chance to be one of the 10 Winners aboard the complimentary cruise and enjoy a free VIP session with RJon…

Click the button below to sign up for the Challenge!


In order to be eligible for your complimentary VIP session with RJON & cabin for you and 1 guest aboard the Luxury SeaDream Yacht, you will need to be responsible for bringing a minimum of 10 potential new members to the Oct 2018 or Jan 2019 Discovery Day. Once the minimum threshold has been met, the top 10 winners will be ranked and selected based on the total number of potential new members you bring to the October and/or January Discovery Day. In the event of a tie where the minimum threshold has already been met, winners will be ranked based on who reached the minimum threshold first. In other words, the sooner you reach the minimum threshold, the better your chances of winning. Rankings will matter! We’ll be assigning cabins based on where you place in the contest… so if you want a suite you should start referring now!

Remember, to earn a point for this challenge the person you refer has to actually show UP to Discovery Day! And, you should be there at the Discovery Day with them too. Our Marketing & Sales teams will conduct their usual efforts to get your referrals to the event, but you’ll want to be sure their butt is in a seat during Discovery Day on October 19th or January 18th or the referral point won’t be awarded to you. You’ll also need to be at the Discovery Day WITH THEM in order to help them make an educated and informed decision about whether or not How To Manage A Small Law Firm is right for them and their firm.

Referring the MOST Members is the only guarantee for your cabin aboard the cruise with your guest.


First, you must sign up for the challenge if you want to participate. To refer your friends & colleagues you must send them the link & password that you will get upon registering for the challenge. The personalized link you will be receiving is tied to a Private VIP webpage with a video from me explaining how everything works, and a special appointment scheduler is on the page that will allow your referrals to make an appointment with my team. This page/scheduler will allow my team to know that the referral is coming from you, and they’ll be able to provide the very best, top of the line, white-glove, VIP treatment they deserve (not that my team doesn’t always strive for this). If you do not use the link & password provided to you to refer your friends/colleagues, it will be much harder for my team to track and allocate your referral points, thus creating confusion and possible mistakes. Please only use your referral link and password so that we can keep you in the loop when your referrals schedule an appointment with us, when it takes place, and if they purchase a ticket to our upcoming Discovery Day or not.

On that page, they’ll be able to book a Discovery Call with my team, and they will give your referral VIP priority to speak with them about what’s going on in their law firm, walk-through a plan to get from where they are to where they want to be,  and help them explore their options to execute on that plan. At the end of the call, if they have met the criteria to join one of our programs, we may extend an invitation for them to attend our next Discovery Day.

Tips for referring your friends/colleagues: Before you send someone to the VIP appointment page, think about whether or not this is someone you want to share some of your most vulnerable and personal moments with like you often might at an LQM or workshop. Because if for some reason you don’t want to share it with them, then chances are the rest of our Members won’t want to either.

Another tip: Help them understand how this going to work — the Discovery Call is complimentary, and the purpose of the call is to help them make a plan for how they want to grow their law firm during that 60-minute call… If on the call it is apparent that their plan can be streamlined with the help of our services, we will let them know how we can help and tell them about the Discovery Day, which will require a $1,000 deposit that is fully refundable if they show up and decide we’re not a good fit for how they want to build their law firm. Share your experiences with them beforehand and express the value of how even a 60-minute complimentary call with me can simply change the way they think about how their law firm should run.

This is a 5-star Yacht experience and what we will share and experience during those 7-Days will go far beyond the Ritz-Carlton like treatment, and I promise you the standards you hold for yourself and your law firm will be up-leveled… I know mine will be too. Take a look at all the details of the voyage we’ll be taking.

You can see why this will be at least 10 Referral Points because on top of the actual stateroom value the 10 winners will also each get a 2-hour VIP session with me which is typically worth $8,000 on its own. AND, if you know me, you know there will likely be some extra bonuses in there for the winners

No, this will not be your average Carnival cruise with a few thousand people running around, including college kids on Spring Break… The voyage me and the lucky 10 winners and their spouses/significant will be taking will be aboard The Sea Dream, with only 54 staterooms, at a minimum cabin price of $7,600 (before taxes and gratuities).

In fact, only about 200 people will be aboard the ship, and 95 of them are staff Members… This will allow you plenty of time to explore, have fun, spend time with your spouse/significant other, but also get down to business and have no distractions when we conduct your VIP session.

When will we set sail? March 27-April 3, 2019

Can I bring a Guest? Absolutely! This will probably be an incredible experience for you and your spouse/significant other… Or anyone else who is special to you. Plus, you’ll likely want them with you during your VIP session if they’re a major stakeholder in your law firm.

Where will we sail to & from? We’ll depart from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas and cruise the US & British Virgin Islands (Make sure your passport is up to date!)

Why should you attend? On top of getting a world-class cruise getaway for you and your spouse, each winner will get a 2-hour VIP strategy session during the trip.

What is this going to cost you? The only cost to you & your guest will be your travel to and from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas which is the port where we embark/disembark, and any additional travel excursions you/your guest choose to participate in. The cost of your cabin, food onboard the yacht, and your VIP session will all be our compliments.

How do you make sure you are onboard the ship on March 27th? Sign up for the challenge to receive your referral link, and have your friends/colleagues book a 1-on-1 Discover Call with my team. Remember, your referrals will have VIP Priority when they speak to my team, and because these are the last 18% of the membership candidates may be attending one of our next Discovery Days, I’ll personally be meeting your referrals live and in-person, at the end of the Discovery Day session. When your referral signs up and attends the October or January 2019 Discovery Day, that will count as 1 point for you towards your spot on Yacht Voyage.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for the challenge and share your VIP Referral Page & password with your friends and colleagues so that they can get on our calendar!

Remember, only 10 Winners who get the most prospective new members to the Oct. or Jan. Discovery Day (with a minimum of 10) will enjoy a VIP strategy session that could change your law firm, aboard the most luxury first-class cruise around the U.S. & British Virgin Islands that my team could book us on… All on my compliments.

Oh and don’t forget, cabins will be assigned based on performance If you’re aiming for one of those suites, you’ll likely need to get those appointments booked now!!

I hope to see you onboard.


If you’d like to sign up to participate in the challenge, get your personal referral link, access to the “Referral Swipe Tools”, and most importantly… Have a chance to be one of the 10 Winners aboard the complimentary cruise and enjoy a free VIP session with RJon…

Click the button below to sign up for the Challenge!

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