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Rainmaking Mistakes


Are you a solo lawyer?

In the last 30 days have you found yourself worried about where your next client was going to come from at least twice?

This free ebook reveals ten of the most common rainmaking mistakes lawyers make in their efforts to bring in new business.

It’ll only take you a little bit of time to read. It’s all very simple. You might even have a V8 moment. You know?

Those moments where you hit yourself in the head and say “I should’ve thought of this!”

It’s all obvious.

You just never think about it if you never studied marketing in law school, never studied marketing before law school and never studied marketing since law school.

By the way did you study marketing in law school?

Probably not.

Most lawyers didn’t study marketing before law school either.

And have you studied any marketing since you got out of law school?

Then once you’ve read this in 20 minutes, it should take you only a few hours to begin implementing some of the lessons in this free ebook.

Just imagine, you can implement them in an hour and you can start getting more business within just a few weeks or even just within a few days.

So you’re serious about putting these lessons to use, we’ll send them to you just because you signed up using the form on this page.

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