OK great, thanks for taking the time to study this lesson about money and metrics for your law firm.  Normally we only share these lessons with current Members of the How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm community.  To put this video into context you need to know a few things:

1. Money, metrics, and financial controls are ONLY 1 of the 7 “Main Parts” of a super successful small law firm.  These same 7 “Main Parts” exist for a not-so-successful law firm too.  Only they’re being ignored.  Which is a big reason why those law firms aren’t as successful as the owner(s) would like for them to be.

2.  This video was shot in January 2015 at the “Members Only” Live Quarterly Meeting.  Everyone you see in this video is either a Member or the spouse or significant-other of a Member.  You’ll see they’re all regular people just like you & me from all walks of life, they come from all around the Country every quarter and they have all different kinds and sizes of small law firms.  Every quarter all of our Members are invited to attend a live quarterly meeting like this.  Each quarter we focus on a different topic.  We like to go “an inch wide & a mile deep” each time.

3. As with any exclusive community we have our inside jokes, short-hand terms, etc.  New Members are made to feel welcome very quickly and we observe a STRICT “No Assholes” policy.  SO if you notice the energy & vibe in the room is a bit different…more camaraderie, more support, more enthusiasm for each others’ success, and more of a casual relaxed environment…it’s because many of the lawyers you will see & hear from in this video have been growing their firms together for many quarters and years together!

Take notes. Learn & implement.  And Enjoy!

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Renee Robertson

Renee Robertson

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This is Renee. Her job is mostly to help Solo & Small Law Firm Owners from all around the country figure out if there appears to be a good fit between their goals & challenges and what How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm is set-up to do for our Members. Because Member selection is key to our success, just like client selection is key to yours.

Please select the most convenient date and time for Renee to give you a call and discuss where you’re at now with your business, where you want to be (by when) and how having a CEO for your law firm can pay for itself!

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