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Please submit one question.  Make it your most important question about how to grow a more successful law firm.  Try to make your question as specific as possible.  Try to avoid overly-broad questions like “tell me what I should do to get more client”.  Instead, if you’re already doing something to get more clients, or better clients, or keep bad clients away, or get your best clients to make more referrals, etc. then give us a little bit of background to go on so we can give you the most specific and detailed answer possible.  It’s also usually pretty helpful if we can know a bit about your firm.  How many years have you had your firm?  What were the last few years of revenue?  Do you have staff?  If so, how many & doing what for the firm?  If you have a website we can look at to get more background, please let us know what it is.  All your information will be kept confidential unless you give us explicit consent to share on the video we publish, by clicking the checkbox in the form.

Do you have questions about “how to” or “is it possible” or the like?  Questions will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  You’ll hear or see RJon reading your question to one or more of our actual Members.  And then you’ll see their response. What you do with that information is then up to you but if you care enough about your law firm and believe enough in yourself to be reading this we are confident you’ll make good use of the answers you’ll get.

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