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Policies, Systems & Procedures Webinar

April 5th 2018

In this FREE webinar you will learn the key:

  • Administrative External Policies
  • Administrative Internal Policies
  • Administrative Procedures

Which will teach you valuable lessons on when to create key policies & procedures and the best ones to use in order to make your law firm run more like a business.

If you KNOW that your staff could be more profitable and more productive, or if your team worked more like a team, so YOU could be more productive, then this webinar is one that you can’t afford to miss.

Have you ever been in a situation where after firing an employee, you discovered ALL the mistakes they made that went unnoticed? And those mistakes cost your firm thousands of dollars OR your firm looks less professional in the eyes of your clients?

If you had better policies, systems, & procedures in place, you could have picked up on those “business destroying” mistakes sooner and saved your firm from wasting money and losing credibility.

Stop procrastinating and make it a point to be on this webinar! Your staff will thank you for it because it will make them more efficient and productive, and your future self will thank you for it because it will be one of the reasons why your firm grew and started generating more income for you to live a better life.

Policies, Systems & Procedures
Webinar Information

DATE: Thursday April 5th


Length: 1 Hour

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…and if you have any fellow lawyers you care about, please invite them to RSVP for this complimentary webinar, too.