How To Get Your Staff To GET THINGS DONE!

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Your projects won’t magically get accomplished just because you want them to, even if you’ve got a talented, driven staff.  It won’t happen just because you clearly explained what you want out loud either.

Successful project completion first and foremost requires the proper delegation of authority.  If you want to do it right, download this worksheet and use it to set yourself up for project success every time.

By using this method you will:

  • Define your ideal outcome so your team can use their talents to offer options for implementation
  • Stop drama and project angst among your employees by giving them the structure and clarity they need to execute their work CREATIVELY and QUICKLY
  • Put milestone measurements in place to track progress along the way
  • Empower your employees with confidence that they’re on the right track or conversely with the ability to foresee obstacles before they occur
  • Enable your staff to get MORE THINGS done, so the return on investment you make in them every day goes through the roof

Watch the video below, for an exclusive lesson on how to use this worksheet and how to implement it in your firm

Here’s What To Do Next

Creating efficiency for your staff so they do things right the first time, do more, and do it faster, is a recipe for faster growth, happier clients, happier employees … and a happier lawyer!

But this is just one of the many tools we’ve created to help you empower your staff to better serve your firm and your clients.  We’ve got systems for daysand in fact, at the core of what we do at How To Manage A Small Law Firm is ensuring that the 7 Parts of Your Law Firm are operating optimally, according to your business plan.  Not the stuffy graphs and charts kind, the kind that actually tells you how your business is supposed to function.  And yes, your staff is a big part of that.  But there are 6 other parts of your law firm that need your attention.

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