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I’ll be on the road the next 2 weeks between Palm Springs, California then Scottsdale and finally Phoenix.


So I thought I’d take advantage of the “downtime” and answer some of the questions we’ve been getting lately about how to prepare your law firms for you to be away for several months.


Usually around this time of year (I don’t know WHY it’s usually this time of year) we begin to get these kinds of questions.


That’s not unusual. What is unusual and very cool I must say is how many of these questions are coming in from MEN!


There’s no cost to this “Video Series From The Road about converting your PRACTICE into a LAW FIRM BUSINESS”.


And I’m happy to help.



The way it’s going to work is you will write in your questions directly to
 (RJon [at] How to Manage) and I’ll pick one or two questions each day to teach a video lesson around. I’ll send the video to our editors and when they get posted to this page you’ll get a special notice. If you give me express permission to use your name in the video I will. If not, I won’t.


But please be as specific with your questions as possible. The more specific your question, the better I’ll be able to help you.


For example it helps to know your practice area, number of staff, revenues for the past few years to put things into context, etc.


But unless you give me express permission I won’t share your name only what State you’re from just so everyone can get a sense of where all the questions are coming from around the Country.


Plus, under each video in the video series, you can ask follow-up questions, make suggestions, offer advice, provide feedback and just generally let me (and everyone else) know in a more informal setting what’s on your mind and what’s going on in your law firm.


Please feel free to be totally honest and open. But be respectful of the fact that judging from the questions we’ve been getting lately there are a lot of first time parents (like me) and soon-to-be first time parents.


And try to remember that we’re not stupid. We’re just scared shitless.
So be nice.

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