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Mastering the Virtual Power Lunch Meetup Program

Business Basics for Small & Solo Law Firm Owners

A Meetup Program to Help Grow Your Business

Power Lunch is a great marketing tool to help your firm build Attorney Referrals in your area. The idea is to offer free strategic growth lunches with different business topics bi-monthly. You offer informative content to help other small/solo law firm owners learn about the business of a law firm and in return you build top of mind awareness and credibility as a lawyer who is a leader and expert in your community. Because of today’s environment of social distancing, offering virtual power lunches is a great way to continue moving forward with building your referral network, but with a slight pivot! Use Zoom instead of a restaurant private room!

It’s important that you realize that as a member of HTM, you have retrained your brain to think differently than those attorneys outside “the bubble.” Just this week, I was in a networking meeting that started out with the right intention. The topic was “What will your practice look like in April 2021?” I thought we would get into how to pivot your marketing, how to transition to online meetings, how to make sure your message is getting through to help more people but instead, the meeting covered merely the technicalities of zoom and confidentiality- focusing on the fear of using a new technology and why things that used to work may or may not work anymore after this virus has passed.

Too late! Things have already changed and what used to work WON’T in our new virtual environments! Can you see how the HTM way of thinking could have steered those in attendance AWAY from fear and towards growth strategies such as “How to pivot client services to go from face to face to virtual?” Your colleagues need you! To get started we ask that you fill out the form below and we will send you the Virtual Power Lunch link which holds all the materials you need to set up your invites and platforms for a successful virtual event.

Please pick one of the following HTM Team members listed here:

Jimbo Marshall:

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If you are curious as to what one of these lunches looks like, click here* to see Vanessa Vasquez’s virtual lunch on the topic of “Running a Virtual Law Firm”

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