Thomas Wright held a variety of positions including Managing Partner and CEO, senior tax director, and tax consulting manager, and was previously employed with JTH Tax, Inc. (a publicly traded company) as a Merger and Acquisition Director, where he was responsible for leading the acquisition team, identifying the target acquisitions, leading the due diligence team, and negotiating the terms and conditions of the deal. Thomas is most proud of developing tax strategies that reduced the US effective tax rate in excess of 3% yielding an effective tax rate of under 19% while working as a tax director at Johnson & Johnson. Thomas holds a Master’s degree in taxation and a Bachelor’s degree in accountancy with a minor in finance. He has worked as a CPA in public accountancy for over 25 years and as a law firm management advisor for 4 years. He has been published over 25 times in relation to business strategies in for-profit organizations. He is also a duly licensed provider in New York for CPE (CLE equivalent) instruction. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys healthy living and exercise, family activities, coaching baseball (his son is a junior all-star accepting offers from D1 colleges), enjoying movies in his home theater, and developing his music talents. Most importantly, he enjoys time shared with his wife, three sons (Jeff, Travis, and Clive), and Margo…his German Mastiff. Thomas enjoys giving back to the community by fundraising for the American Heart Association and speaking engagements with LVAD and transplant candidates, recipients, and their respective families.