Steph has held a variety of positions including Development Engineer and Marketing Tech Consultant. Steph was previously with David Bayer Businesses as an Automated Marketing Engineer, responsible for implementing the use of the latest technologies and ensuring processes and procedures were in place to support continuous scale.  Steph is most proud of the part they’ll be honored to play in the continued success of HTM and is grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to its team and members.  Steph has been in the digital marketing space for 20+ years and has loved every second of it.

In their spare time, Steph enjoys woodworking, doing crafts with their kids, and attempting to fix things around the house. Steph and their wife, Amanda, were blessed to have been able to foster over ten kids in their time as foster parents in Arizona, and out of those, were overjoyed with the opportunity to adopt four. Three of their four kiddos have special needs. The kids keep Steph and Amanda on their toes, but they’re reminded daily to stop and smell the flowers, have patience, and never stop laughing!