Rohan Dussa is an MBA graduate who has held a variety of positions including Cloud Engineer, Catalogue Specialist, and was previously with eMazzanti Technologies as Cloud Engineer where they were responsible for managing cloud software such as SkyKick to migrate users to cloud environment from on-premises, working with Powershell queries for the automation of the process workflow. Rohan is most proud of enhancing the NPS survey system at LQMs by introducing the automation from paper form to decrease the downtime and manual efforts. Rohan has strong proficiencies in programming languages that include SQL, Python and R, as well as hands-on experience with Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI and Zoho Analytics. Rohan leverages all this, coupled with a degree and keen interest in Data Analytics to serve in the role of Data Analyst for the HTM Programs Department.In the spare time, Rohan enjoys spending the time with his wife and taking his puppy, Dora (a golden Sammy) for walks and loves going to trails and on treks.