Renee has almost 2 decades of customer service experience. During her college career she volunteered at the boys and girls club helping the kids do their homework or setting up games for them. She said it was a very memorable time in her life.

Over the years her customer service experiences have molded her into the person that she is, and her favorite time of day is getting to interact with different people from all aspects of life.

Her colleagues, friends and family will definitely say she is a people person, she is very caring and can almost always put a smile on your face. Renee said the most valuable lesson she has learned over the years is to treat every single person with the utmost respect, listening to them and showing them that you care.

Renee and her husband of 10 years live in Orlando, FL with their son who is 5 and their daughter who is 2. In her spare time, she enjoys making wood signs and refurbishing wood furniture. Her favorite pastime is reading but with two little ones she does not get much time to sit and read, so she listens to audio books. Her and her family love to go to the beach and travel.